Appac Media: Redefines Businesses to Brands

Balakrishnan Shanmugam & Pradeep Gopal, Founders
Startups are undoubtedly epitomes of innovation and ground-breaking ideas! Having said that, they are not just changing the way we shop, travel, transact, and entertain ourselves but also redefining the working styles of professionals with their vibrant & dynamic work culture. Besides bringing in new ways of doing business, they are also striving to build an environment that provides warmth to the employees as well. Among the plentiful of them, Appac Media is one such new age firm that has discovered new ways to address culture issues and has create a workplace that help people thrive. Supporting its human resources, the Tamilnadu based startup provides a wide range of opportunities for their growth. It provides employees with a meaningful purpose that inspires them show how their work makes a difference by recognising their accomplishments and sharing stories of success.

Backed by a proficient team of hardworking and motivated souls, the company is constantly scaling at every aspect. Moreover, Appac media is well-known for its amicable work culture. It welcomes employee’s suggestions and provides challenging opportunities that mould them and enhance overall development. With all this, it provides competitive compensation and an additional beneficiary beyond standard startup perks.

The Concept of Appac Media
Led by two industry veterans Balakrishnan Shanmugam & Pradeep Gopal, Appac media believes that the right blend of innovation and technology can enable a brand to reach its goals and outshine others in the market. “With our specialized services in the development of brand identity, Lucrative websites, conducting creative marketing campaigns, online marketing, SEO marketing, social media marketing, search engine marketing and a lot more we have always exceeded expectations of our clients with results,” says Balakrishnan.

He further adds, “At Appac Media we analyse
before we decide and we test before we execute. We think beyond the requirement and explore more profound possibilities to provide a holistic, practical and strategic approach to be the bridge between you and your customers.

On the whole, it is a contemporary digital design studio and a creative marketing strategy company working dedicatedly for organizations to create comprehensive branding and digital designs for global audience.

Appac Media Has Successfully Executed 500+ Projects And Has Witnessed 150+ Happy Clients In The Short Span

The company is well recognized for its creative touch, uncompromised quality and on-time delivery. Catering to state-of-art solutions that are muddled with the benefits of advanced technology in the marketing domain, it has successfully executed 500+ projects and has witnessed 150+ happy clients in the short span. Housing around 30 skilled professionals, Appac Media is operational in more than 15 verticals and doesn’t limit itself to provide service for brands of any particular industry. With a comprehensive strategy and competitive execution, we create a complete digital marketing plan business to be made visible online. “With our marketing strategy expertise, we blend smart concepts and ideas and harvest effective marketing communication solutions for ad campaigns. We introduce brands with the best possible campaign and ensures that it has reached the target audience with a niche position in the market,” exclaims Pradeep Gopal.

The company focuses on business understanding and maintains the triangle of employees, employers, and clients. It fundamentally collaborates with businesses and while being open to newer technologies it tries to analyze the market, understand the needs, get a hang on the existing loophole and provide solutions to resolve them. After gaining comprehensive details about the client’s brand, the team tries to analyze their current stand, what they need, what to focus on and whom to target after which they come up with tailor-made solutions that empowers their reach to a wider range of audience.

Since its inception, Appac Media has witnessed steady growth. From 35 lakh in the first year to 1.1 Cr in the second year of operation portrays a dramatic success rate. It looks forward for more and aims to adopt the latest technologies to provide the best to its clients.

Balakrishnan Shanmugam, Founder
Having over a decade of experience in catapulting brand's sales and marketing through profit center operations, Balakrishnan works to generate significant growth in business by judicial use of resources. He founded Appac Media through his enriching experiences in handling various niche including FMCG, general engineering, institutions, real estate and much more.

Pradeed Gopal, Founder
Pradeep is an industry expert with varied knowledge in the digital domain. Being skilled in business relationship management, marketing strategy, customer relationship management(CRM), and digital marketing, he aims to help brands gain greater identity. He is also a robust sales professional with a MBA focused in marketing from Karunya School of Management.