Aram Visas: Making The Immigration Journey Smooth

Aram Visas Ramkumar P,Managing Director

Aram Visas Ramkumar P

Managing Director

Nowadays, the number of people migrating in search of better lifestyle has 1escalated globally. And along has come most common problem faced by the individuals seeking immigration solutions that involves adoption of obscure methods and non-transparency with the clients by the service providers in this sector. These service providers often charge a huge amount of money but in return they fail to guide people with proper solutions. But Aram Visas strives to meet all expectations and aims to be the one-stop shop for their clients by offering transparent step-by-step alternative solutions so that the clients can experience a safe, hassle-free, customised, and successful immigration service from one country to another.

Aram Visas is a Tamil Nadu based immigration solution consulting start-up that is intended to provide people with better services and better experience as well. Ramkumar P, the Managing Director of Aram Visas says, "I wanted to contribute more to the industry and provide better services to the customers whom I was not being able to provide while working in the previous companies. So, one fine day I went for an interview in a company in the immigration consulting industry for the post of GM.

The Managing director asked me a question that how am I different from any other people in this industry and right after having listened to my opinion on his question he proposed that I should start my own company as I have a vast knowledge on the industry and that was the moment, I decided I should do something to serve people with better services and decided to establish Aram Visas". Aram Visas was established in the year of 2018 in Tamil Nadu as there were not many immigration consulting solution providers in Southern India; most of the big names were situated in Delhi, Mumbai, Punjab, or Hyderabad.

Strong Ethical Principles And Beliefs
Aram Visas' priority is to provide clients with
best possible service, and they prefer to maintain transparency with their clients to offer best them with results as their name `Aram' suggests `love to serve people'. "The clients need to research about the companies and talk to multiple people before approaching consultancies for immigration solutions because there are few companies that tend to charge high amount of money and in return, they do not provide the customers with required solutions and often cheat the customers," says Ramkumar. This shows that how they strive to offer best services to their client and consider them as their highest priority.

They assist professionals, business expansion individuals or citizenship by investment for HNIs and deliver various visa services like Education Visas for the students who want to study abroad, PR visas, Investor visas i.e., people trying to set up or expand their business abroad. Ramkumar says, "The vast exposure to various industries like education industry, real estate industry, BPO industry and finally to immigration industry helped me to offer better service and solutions to the clients". Aram Visas looks forward to reaching out to as many people and generations possible to serve them with the best possible service.

If the client is eligible, they offer him or her with number of alternative plans and solutions on how to move forward with further processes and help them until and unless the clients have got desired outcome.

One-Stop Solution For The Clients
Aram Visas are committed to providing the exceptional and best possible results to all its clients. As their team motto suggests offering best and successful services to the clients. They always prioritize their clients' requirements and seek to offer secure, trouble-free, personalized immigration solution services from one country to another. Their partnerships with several governmental bodies and agencies of the different countries help to carry out the entire processes of immigration efficiently and very smoothly.

They seek to become the one-stop destination for all the problems associated with immigration. At first, they provide their clients with a comprehensive report that whether he or she is qualified for the entire immigration process or not. If the client is eligible, they offer him or her with number of alternative plans and solutions on how to move forward with further processes and help them until and unless the clients have got desired out-come. Aram Visas assign case officers for each and every case to fulfil and satisfy all the requirements of their clients. Their squad of expert representatives' focus is only on delivering services to their clients as per their commitments.

Vision For The Future
Initially Aram Visas began with only 3 people and today they are a family of more than 100 people worldwide. They have extended their services throughout India in the cities like Mumbai, Punjab, Bangalore, and have foreign partners also. Ramkumar states, "We want to make Aram Visas a one-stop destination for all kind of solutions regarding immigration problems". The company is looking forward towards introducing brand new categories, and is planning to extend its services in the US market and open more than twenty branches worldwide.