Arisi Mart: Transforming the Wholesale Rice Business with Quality & Convenienc

Ranitha Jeyasingh,    Managing Director

Ranitha Jeyasingh

Managing Director

The retail sector is experiencing notable trends in startups, including e-commerce, customization, omni-channel retail, and sustainability, among others. Factors like digital transformation, changing consumer preferences, and innovation are driving the industry's progress. However, the retail industry faces challenges such as fierce competition, evolving consumer demands, rising expenses, cybersecurity risks, and changing regulations. Arisi Mart, a prominent retail startup, is effectively addressing these challenges by adopting online shopping, providing excellent product quality, and utilizing technology to enhance the overall shopping experience. With expansion plans and a strong focus on customer satisfaction, Arisi Mart aims to tackle challenges and fulfil the diverse requirements of its customers.

Arisi Mart, a prominent parent company based in Chennai, has acknowledged the growing popularity of online shopping and has effectively adapted to the digital realm through its online platform. Leveraging its rich background in the rice industry, Arisi Mart places a strong emphasis on delivering superior product quality and ensuring customer happiness.

The entire team is led by R Jeyasingh, Chairman of Arisi Mart and a pioneer in the rice wholesale industry. All business
operations of Arisi Mart are managed jointly by Ranitha Jeyasingh and Sindhuja Jeyasingh, providing excellence across all facets of its business activities.

Establishing a Solid Ground
Arisi Mart capitalizes on the well established customer base and strong reputation of Wholesale Rights Top Store in Chennai, renowned for its punctual deliveries and excellent product quality. What sets the company apart is its commitment to consistently restocking with fresh batches of products and prioritizing superior quality. Additionally, Arisi Mart stands out by providing cold-pressed oils as a healthier alternative to its customers. While originating from the rice business, Arisi Mart has expanded its product range to include a diverse selection of groceries, catering to various customer preferences. Recognizing the need for customer expansion, Arisi Mart utilizes digital marketing and event sponsorships to promote its brand and explore different segments within the food industry. “By staying true to our expertise and avoiding unrelated ventures, we are committed to building a strong customer base and delivering exceptional value”, mentions Ranitha.

To enhance the customer experience, Arisi Mart embraces technology by integrating its online platform with existing offline software, providing realtime pricing and stock updates. Dedicated portals for wholesale customers, special permissions, and exclusive flat rates demonstrate their commitment to serving diverse segments effectively. Despite the obstacles posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Arisi Mart took advantage of the increased demand for online grocery shopping. In order to address the difficulties related to delivering larger quantities, they are contemplating the adoption of a franchise model. The objective of this approach is to establish a robust brand presence in Chennai and achieve expansion to 50 locations within a span of five years.

Future Roadmap
Arisi Mart has a vision of expanding its franchise model across Tamil Nadu and India, catering to both retail and wholesale customers. The company's evolution from a conventional rice store to a forward-thinking online marketplace showcases its commitment to customer satisfaction and the provision of premium, chemical-free products.Through the integration of technology, Arisi Mart has positioned itself as a unique participant in the wholesale grocery industry. “Through our ambitious franchise plans, Arisi Mart is poised to cater to the evolving needs of customers in Chennai and beyond, delivering exceptional value and convenience”, concludes Ranitha.