Arka Home Products: Your Sustainable And Reliable Alternative To Plastic Bag

Asha Sarkar,   Director

Asha Sarkar


While on one hand, we talk about a sustainable future and how important it is to preserve the environment; on the other hand, we are furious when the grocery vendor doesn’t have a plastic bag to carry our stuff. We have to remind ourselves that the smallest step for change begins with us when we as consumers will say ‘No’ to plastic, loud and clear!

Bringing about this change widely in the mindset of consumers, Arka Home Products has set its foot to contribute its bit in saving the environment with a sustainable plastic bag alternative Cotton Bags. Started in 2018, Arka Homes Products, where ’Arka’ means ‘born from the sun’, is known for its range of cotton products that are bio degradable yet chic.“From saree covers to gift bags, travel pouches to utility bags, we have it all. Arka Home Products has the finest quality muslin to be used in the kitchen and canvas cloth to be used for various home improvements. What began as a mission to replace plastic bags has now become an endeavour to replace all things plastic”, says Asha, Director, Arka Home Products.

“Arka home products likes to call its team as `a team of dreamers that dream of a sustainable future”

Fridge Bag – The Star Product
Arka bags are widely used in households, one of the star products is the ‘fridge bag’, adopted by women to save their families from the toxic effects of plastic on vegetables. The other products like the muslin cloth, the travel bags, the golf set,
wine bottle bags, shopping bags, the ice bag and many more are doing well and finding a place in people’s homes. Arka Home Products has entered the home linen market and has launched bed sheets, dohars, and cushion covers.

The USP of Arka Home Products is strict control over the quality of cloth. For this love of quality, it gets recommendations from its customers, and based on these, Arka has designed the widely popular products like Muslin Kitchen Set, Cotton Saree Covers, and Press bags. It uses the best raw material, keeping in line with the sustainability agenda. Right from manufacturing the cloth to securing the final stitch, every step is carried inhouse. Arka Home Products provides employment to 40 plus rural women who put a lot of love and care into every detail.

Arka home products has the finest quality muslin to be used in the kitchen and canvas cloth to be used for various home improvements

The driving force behind Arka Home Products was a passion to replace plastic bags with natural, biodegradable bags without any use of chemicals or toxins. A plastic bag is comparatively a cheaper option than a cloth bag but the environment pays a huge cost. The growing awareness and the change in mindset have made people hop on board and contribute their bit to the collective initiative.

Arka Home Products has witnessed tremendous growth since it first started. It has 50 plus products listed on Amazon and an astounding stock of 500+ units are is shipped to Amazon facilities every week. The customers love it for its unparalleled quality and finest stitching and Arka Home Products is overwhelmed by the thousands of satisfactory reviews they post online.

Arka Home Products likes to call its team as ‘A team of Dreamers that dream of a Sustainable Future’. Arka Home Products is still young and has a long way to go with its passion to preserve the environment in all its endeavours, the firm wants to explore newer markets and will launch soon in Dubai, Singapore, UK and US.