Arogyam Medisoft Solution: Revolutionizing Agriculture & Healthcare via Technology

 Partha Chakraborty,   CSOA reliable enterprise is one that can identify real world problems and provide ways to solve them. Especially in the healthcare and agricultural industries, there are several issues that are still unaddressed. Arogyam Medisoft Solution, an IoT-based digital solutions company, has taken its first step toward solving the issues present in rural India associated with healthcare and agriculture. "The company’s mission is to enable the provisioning of quality and affordable solutions in the area of agriculture and rural healthcare by implementing advanced technologies such as sensors, computer vision, and artificial intelligence”, states Partha Chakraborty, CSO, Arogyam Medisoft Solution. Partha has accumulated vast experience in developing computing solutions in the area of drug & device discovery & development.

The team at Arogyam is passionate about India and dedicated to contributing toward the development of the mother nation. On returning to India, the CEO of the company, Rajiv Mondal participated in rural development activities spanning planning and implementation of infrastructure projects. This is when he saw the reality of rural India. Observing the rural areas from close quarters, he realized that developing buildings and utility projects wouldn’t be enough to solve the actual problem of these areas. Using his business and technical
acumen, Rajiv set the wheels in motion for Arogyam Medisoft solutions, which is dedicated to transforming the face of healthcare and agriculture in rural India using advanced technology.

For the healthcare industry, the company has developed a small, people-friendly clinical chemistry analyzer. A light weight clinical chemistry analyzer is integrated with remote transmission for blood & urine 25 parameters. The battery operated analyzer can be carried to any place and is easily operated by a group of people who are not very highly qualified or technically savvy since it needs less skill to operate.

The company has also developed a state-of-the-art telehealth platform, a lightweight easy-to-use telemedicine platform integrated with devices digital ECG, BP Monitor, SPO2, Thermometer, Stethoscope & HaemurEx blood & urine analyzer. It can record patients’ details and their vitals. The company deploys it in the remotest part of the country where doctors are not able to go from the city even in the government setup, they're a different health centers and subcenters, the company has installed in all subcenters and connected to a central facility.

Arogyams mission is to enable the provisioning of quality & affordable solutions in the area of agriculture and rural healthcare by implementing advanced technologies

For the agricultural industry, Arogyam offers Soil Sathi devices & advisory Platforms. Soil sathi devices run on a rechargeable battery, track GPS, enable near field testing, and transmit the result to a cloud-based platform. The technology is used by agronomists to remotely assess soil nutrients, and plant problems and to give guidance in real time. It boosts yield while lowering input costs for farming. It guarantees real-time monitoring of soil and nutrient fertility as well as optimum fertilizer application. The product includes unrestricted access to online learning materials. Each customer has access to a specific support channel that can help with their testing requirements.

For the future, the company is augmenting its platform by integrating with advanced technologies. The company is working toward commercializing its products. Over the years the company has gained 10X growth. Arogyam also has set up an NSIC-registered small-scale manufacturing unit and obtained ISO & CE certifications. The company is optimistic about its growth, in the coming three years.