Arpit Labour Suppliers: Endeavoring to be a Top Facility Management Company Nationally

Divyansh Tiwari & Shreyansh Tiwari,   Executive DirectorsThe Facility Management industry is experiencing dynamic changes as businesses and organizations increasingly prioritize efficient and sustainable operations. Challenges faced by customers in this industry include ensuring cost-effective service delivery, finding skilled FM providers, adapting to rapidly evolving technology, and ensuring compliance with changing regulations. The COVID-19 pandemic has also underscored the need for enhanced sanitation and health safety measures, adding another layer of complexity for FM companies and their customers.

Arpit Labour Suppliers, founded in 2017 by Managing Director, Rajesh Tiwari, has rapidly established itself as an ISO 9001:2015 certified leader in the facility management and services industry. With over 25 years of industry experience, the company has made integrity, transparency, and innovative solutions the cornerstones of its service. Arpit Labour Suppliers excels in maintaining strong relations with government bodies, clients, and employees while being recognized with many prestigious awards for vendor compliance, including India’s 5000 Best MSMEs Award. The company’s commitment to quality, trained workforce, and innovative technology has enabled them to overcome challenges and position themselves as a trusted partner for all facility management needs.

Since its inception in 2017, Arpit Labour Suppliers has achieved significant milestones in the facility management industry. Arpit Labour Suppliers has
expanded its services, including engineering, soft services, production support, project management, and contract staffing, and its commitment to integrity, transparency, and innovative solutions has led to strong relationships with government bodies, clients, and employees. The company also received prestigious awards for Best Vendor Compliances, including consecutive recognitions by Lupin in 2017-18 and 2018-19. “Arpit Labour Suppliers' commitment to technology, quality, and client satisfaction has positioned them as a trusted and rapidly growing name in the market”, says Shreyansh Tiwari, Executive Director. ALS have been serving number of industries like Pharmaceuticals, Automobiles, NBFC & Banks, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Hospitality, and Real Estate.

Pioneering Facility Management Solutions
Arpit Labour Suppliers offers a comprehensive array of services catering to clients' diverse needs in the facility management sector. The company’s services encompass Engineering services, including boiler maintenance, HVAC system operations, and electrical maintenance and the company also offers soft services such as housekeeping, pest control, and landscaping development and maintenance are also provided. The company offers production support services like warehouse management, material handling, project management, and consultancy. The company specializes in contract staffing, providing skilled manpower tailored to clients' requirements. Arpit Labour Suppliers strongly emphasize quality and effectiveness by providing inhouse and outsourced training to the workforce and associates, ensuring services meet industry standards.

Arpit Labour Suppliers boasts of highly experienced top management with over 25 years of industry knowledge and has been recognized with multiple Best Vendor Compliances Awards, showcasing its commitment to regulatory compliance. “Our MD has been recognized as a Member of Govt bodies and has been nominated by Govt of India as a member regional board of employees state insurance corporation. We are also backed by experts from various fields who steer the firm to success”, speaks Divyansh Tiwari, Executive Director.

The companys deep understanding of corporate requirements, strong network and adept government liaison capabilities enhance its competitive edge. Arpit Labour Suppliers leverages technology to provide integrated safety and surveillance solutions, and the company positions itself as a trusted partner for comprehensive facility management needs. The company’s dedication to integrity and transparency further underscores its unique position in the market.

Arpit Labour Suppliers' future roadmap entails strategic expansion to increase revenue and profitability. The company plans to go public through an SME IPO, broadening its horizons. Leveraging its expertise, technology, and commitment to excellence, the company aims to reinforce its position as a trusted industry leader while embracing innovative solutions and providing high-quality services to its clients.