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Abdul Raoof,CEO & Managing Director

Abdul Raoof

CEO & Managing Director

Abdul Raoof’s professional journey as a structural design engineer started on a very interesting note. After his graduation in 1990, he headed to the dream city Mumbai where he secured his first job as a site supervisor for a multi-story cluster of residential buildings in Kalyan. As a part of his everyday work, he used to assist carpenters and bar benders to understand structural drawings issued from consultant’s office and would ensure that the geometry and reinforcement fabrication at the site is in sync with structural drawings.

Unfortunately at times, stealing the spotlight the structural engineers would stroll into the site for inspection and would verify if everything was going according to their drawings. And being the author of the design, they would often enjoy all the attention from every site staff. Deep down Abdul who was also a site engineer felt that his engineering knowledge was being underutilized. Moreover, these site-visiting structural design engineers’ technical knowledge earning attention and respect automatically lured him to become a ‘Structural Design Engineer’. This was the turning point for him.

Without a second thought, he immediately quit his job and winded up from Mumbai to Bangalore where he became Structural Design Engineer. Despite being paid less in consultancy than in site supervision, at that point in time, his ambition never deterred. With time, seeing his dynamism in engineering, many of his colleagues motivated him to launch his own engineering practice. With his rich experience of 25+ years in the domain across geographies, he along a small but talented team of engineers in 2014 started ARSA Engineering Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd.

International Technical & Engineering Expertise for Growing Local Market
Initially, ARSA did have a rough start. Despite having delivered iconic structures from various world-renowned platforms at overseas (Malaysia & Middle-East), the founder’s identity in the domestic industry was not recognized by many of the clients. “I never let my ambitions down but with my enormous determination and consistent presentation of our abilities, kept approaching the local industry. During the initial days, the clients engaged us for carrying a proof check for their projects and in parallel engaged us for smaller scale projects and upon our successful delivery and client satisfaction. We were offered their next assignments which were complex in nature and bigger in scale,” mentions Abdul.

Today, the company with its rich technical and engineering expertise offer its clients an array of engineering services. Abdul elaborating on the same, says, “We
believe in committing structural solutions in writing from day one through our comprehensive Design Brief Report(DBR). This document reflects our competency while committing our structural solutions in writing whether it is a structural concept, analysis approach, design parameter or rate of material consumption at any project. We justify these areas thoroughly to the client much prior heading to advance stages of design.”

" Based in Bangalore, ARSA in the recent years has recorded an appreciable rate of business growth and has bagged projects from various other cities such as Delhi, Hyderabad, Bijapur, and Calicut"

He further states, “Since we make our commitment via DBR issued at a very early stage of the project, now we assure architect and clients, all committed structural geometry and rate of material consumption maintained till the completion of the project so that the project cost does not escalate.”

The Growth Way Forward!
Based in Bangalore, ARSA in the recent years has recorded an appreciable rate of business growth and has bagged projects from various other cities such as Delhi, Hyderabad, Bijapur, and Calicut. Also, the company takes pride in having a brilliant team of engineers who have sound structural analysis and design experience and well versed with modern design technology using the latest computer-aided designs. In the years to come, ARSA envisions expanding the business beyond the domestic market. “We have already been on board with a couple of projects for Leeds City College, Quarry – UK. We are in discussion with an overseas consultant to collaborate to provide technical support from our organization,” says Abdul, optimistically mentioning about the upcoming opportunities that lies ahead of ARSA.

Reliable & Cost-effective Project Delivery
Case study 1:
Residential Building – 4 Blocks of 2B + 12 Story Buildings at Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh
The scope of their service was more of value engineering, because the Project Management Consultant(PMC) felt that the design was heavier than expected.

At the right time, ARSA interrogated the project thoroughly and ran independent analysis in parallel to investigating the existing structural system. After a complete analysis, they found that the adopted foundation system was inappropriate, where the principle consultant was incompetent to understand the load path mechanism and such a critical foundation was designed based on an approximate thumb rules which had resulted the foundation system as an exorbitant.

Thankfully, the company’s timely intervention and proper design guide lines to principal consultant had made significant saving to the client. In fact, the foundation cost was reduced from existing design INR 36.0 Cr to 22.0 Cr.

Case Study 2:
International Co-operative Museum, GF+12, Calicut, Kerala

The iconic commercial tower based
in Calicut, Kerala was previously designed by unnamed structural consultant and the construction was raised up to ground floor. As days passed, the project architect suspected on structural integrity and raised the concern on the structure safety and building functionality. In the absence of justification from the previous consultant, it was opted to replace the structural consultant and that’s how ARSA came on board. The following are the basic structural objectives sought by the client and project architect.

• Client's Main Objective
Structural solution must be safe and sound, functional and buildable.

• Architect's Main Objective
Structural element sizes must be compatible with architectural design intent without compromising structural stability.

• ARSA's Commitment
Structural solution shall be proposed safe, functional, and build able while achieving structural elements in compatible to architectural designs.

Over and above, ARSA committed for tremendous cost savings.

Here, ARSA identified the most challenging elements in the project such as:

• Gravity Load Path
• Lateral Load Resisting System
• Long Term Concrete Behavior Factors
• Construction Sequence Analysis
• Façade Fixing

ARSA was successful in addressing each of the above key elements, and made major structural amendment to achieve building stability, functionality and build-ability, compared with previously suggested structural system, where they made the structure much lighter and proved that the amount of gravity load off-loaded from the structure is an equivalent to 750 Elephants. This reduction and of load and efficient structural system resulted into a significant savings, the real number of saving was justified to the client.

A Note From the CEO & Managing Director-Abdul Raoof
Malaysia is like second home to me and I have closely witnessed the last construction boom in this country during the year 1995-2005. The recent leadership change in Malaysia, the country hoping once again a development boom under the guidance of most adorable Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammed. I am quite optimistic for upcoming business opportunities for ARSA.

We set goals for growth that are both ambitious yet grounded in the framework of the culture that we have developed during our long history of international exposures, wherein we had an opportunity to deliver various world iconic buildings.