Arte'Venue: Ensuring World-Class User Experience for Online Art Buyers

Shekhar Tayade,Managing Director

Shekhar Tayade

Managing Director

A flourishing segment, the home decor industry is currently experiencing the ingression of many prominent players who are determined to change the landscape of the domain by the virtue of their stunning products and concepts. One such name is Arte'Venue, which has succeeded in bedazzling the interior and home décor industry by offering an unmatched online art purchasing user experience via state-of-the-art technologies that have never been witnessed in India before. Arte'Venue is a brand of Montage Art & Framing that has been ruling the home décor sector since a decade by successfully working with over 4000 architects and designers starting from supplying artworks to major interior design projects.

With the largest collection of licensed artworks, Arte'Venue was conceived as the next logical step to build the digital platform/website with unique and user-friendly features that provide a world-class customer experience. Atre'Venue started with the vision to build a world-class online platform that provides home-owners, art lovers, interior designers and architects access to the largest collection of exquisite art from across the world. went live as an online marketplace for artworks in Oct 2019.

Premium Art Buying Experience
Envisaging the various inefficiencies and shortcomings in the online art buying process in the Indian market such as the absence of world-class user experience for online art buyers, Arte'Venue started offering a plethora of categories, curated themes, designer-curated gallery walls, and collage sets that help customers to quickly find the art that gels with their décor. With a best-in-
class website which offers a premium art buying experience Arte'Venue became the first Indian online platform where each artwork can be customized fully online before ordering.

In addition to the advanced website features, Arte'Venue offers a free art advisory service where the designers help customers in selecting the artworks based on their interiors, requirements and budget. Before online art buyers had access to the muted experience, as they only had to choose from the standard sizes, limited visualization and very limited customization. With its world-class customization and visualization features, Arte'Venue has taken the customer experience to the next level.

A model online art platform, Arte'Venue offers premium quality of art prints and frames (all artworks printed from licensed images and are giclee prints) with a huge collection neatly categorized into 70+ categories including Abstract, Landscape, Floral, Nature, Animals, Figurative, Nature, Signs, Patterns, Architecture, Travel and many more. "We have designer curated collections of most favored categories such as Abstract, Landscape, Floral, Black & White, Coastal, Femme', Photography, Vintage, Pop Art, and Minimalistic, as well as specially curated collections such as Sunset, Sunrise, Vastu, Buddha, line art, movies, Cityscapes and more.

We also have a timeless Collection by World Famous Grand Masters such as Van Gogh, Monet, Da Vinci, Michelangelo and many more. Recently we launched a new feature called Gallery Walls. It's a collection of styled collages for wall décor and is curated of by our designers. It has been an instant hit with customers. In a nutshell, Arte'Venue has the largest collection of more than 2.8 lakh artworks in India and is still increasing, and offers a premium online art buying experience and the best quality products at affordable prices." says Shekhar Tayade, Managing Director, Arte'Venue.

Scaling up High has a strong backend system that caters to operations in production, printing, framing, packing, shipping, and tracking and a strong workflow system to prevent errors, improve our customer service and operational efficiency. Currently, Arte'Venue team is working on artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve the experience for customers as well as to improve business efficiency, and to build a feature to let the customers visualize online the chosen art on their home walls before ordering it.

"Building was a fulfilling experience as we watched it grow, right from debating what features to build, to the conception of features, trying out various look and feels, tweaking it for best customer experience, shaping it into the best website that it has become, seeing the continually growing sales numbers and finally our customer feedback showing extremely satisfied customers. We are still in the infancy of our operations and are scaling up investments in the platform, digital marketing, offline marketing, and very shortly setting up operations in Mumbai, New Delhi in addition to Bangalore," concludes Shekhar.