Arth Design Build: A Pioneer in the Digital Construction Engineering Space

Team Arth Design Build (L-R) -  Thumu Karthik (CEO), Kailash Chandola (COO), Chandrashekhar Tadiparthi (Director), Swapnil Sahu (CBDO),DirectorHyderabad based Arth Design Buildis a distinct technology-based construction service provider in the engineering space. Arth is establishedon the concept of ‘Design-Build’ entitled to cover the entire process of development stagesen compassing the end-to-end spectrum of building activities such as planning, design, project management, and execution, all under one roof. The company was set up based on a strong desire and vision to bring changes in the construction industry with the advent of technology. Karthik Thumu, Kailash Chandola and Swapnil Sahu, three architects who worked at different locations nationally and internationally, were able to identify the dearth existing in the construction space in terms of work structure & methodologies. The approach of ‘Forward Engineering’ was missing and the industry still relied on reverse engineering. Thus, the trio having garnered immense knowledge, soon
began to work on the final solution in order to mitigate it. Waiting for the right time, they stumbled upon an opportunity to vehemently implement change. Hence, the one-of-a-kind brand Arth Design Build came into existence.

" Arth, with an evolutionary outlook towards technology, has developed an internal BIM-based application, LivBIM, to plan better, execute faster,assure delivery with ease and leverage their BIM investment to the fullest."

Interfacing Creativity with Excellence
Led by a team of 210+,Arth builds and designs dreams by giving them a strong foundation to stand tall and thrive on. “We at Arth clearly understand the root of architecture and construction and bring to the table some rare, yet vital elements like 'Creative Intelligence’,” says Swapnil Sahu, Chief Business Development Officer, Arth Design Build.

The company delivers services in four key areas viz.– 'Architecture, Interior Design, Project Management and Building Information Modelling(BIM). The array of solutions comprises of Concept Design, Feasibility Studies, Space Planning, MEP Design, Theme Development, Material Selection, Design Visualizations, Facility Management, and so on. “We believe in making a difference by solving problems. We at Arth try to initiate hassle-free work attuned with quality, safety, and timely delivery - making it simpler for our clients at every stage.” He adds, “We also assist clients in
architectural design and interior design while supporting them with budget and timeline.”

BIM – A Futuristic Technology
Arth, with an evolutionary outlook towards technology,offers Building Information Modelling(BIM)services to their clients. Through BIM, the solutions offered consists of 3D Modelling, Virtual Design & Construction, Design Co-ordination, MEP Engineering, Quantity Estimation, Project Simulation, On-site BIM Management, Scan to BIM, and As-Built Models. They have also developed an internal BIM-based application, LivBIM, that helps clients to plan better, execute faster, assure delivery with ease and leverage their BIM investment to the fullest. Sahu avers, “With LivBIM, a seamless approach is taken into consideration such as less human intervention, time and cost saving, along with keeping a track of the project in real-time.”

With offices in India, UK, and Dubai, Arth has partnered with industry giants like TATA Projects and Swan & Maclaren. Their clientele includes note worthy names like: IKEA Hyderabad, Capillary, The Viral Fever, CADeploy and others. Currently, the company is working on a 100-Acre University Project, 2 International Schools in Hyderabad, an Irrigation & Road Development Project, and more. The company is also in talks with some Middle-East contractors for a few hospital projects. Backed by angel investors and being successful in raising funds, Arth in the near future wishes to conquer the technology space and become a pioneer in the tech–construction domain.