Artrik Interiors: Affordable Luxury for Your Sweet Homes

Mohan Kumar A & Deepak V,Co-Founders

Mohan Kumar A


Our house mirrors our persona! It is the only place we seek solace and ecstasy after spending long taxing hours. For this very reason, our heart pines to mold it with all the exhilarating elements. This desire to get a perfect abode gets culmination with the help of experts who hold prowess of building spaces that is aesthetical and as breezy as air. The talent of creatively, technically, and professionally constructing dwelling places that enhance the human lifestyle has received shrewd recognition and acclaim in the market. The fond in the Interior Designing industry grew so much that today, it stands to be a million dollar industry. This prosperity has enticed many creative minds; one of the best creators are the founders of Artrik Interiors an Interior design firm that endeavors to create designs that suit the fancy of its clients by leveraging 3D Design Technology, 360° Interior Views, and more.

As they say, great things happen when great minds join, Artrik Interiors happened when Deepak V and Mohan Kumar A put their heads together to venture into Interior Design space. They incepted the company in 2017 in RS Palya, Bangalore and shifted to Kalyan Nagar.

"The interior design business is growing rapidly in the Indian market because of the modern lifestyle and living standards. We analyze customer needs and work accordingly to create an upshot of our desire and craft out-of-the-box, beautiful and functional solutions to cater the best,” states the co-founder, Mohan. "We are operating with the goal of providing Affordable & Quality Interior fabrications and design
services. Our ultimate motto is to achieve the impossible through possible ways," Deepak remarks.

"The journey of Artrik Interiors started after we completed our graduation. We both were working in different companies as 3D designers. With all the experience gained, we planned to start our own business. As we were friends and had the same ideology to start a business, we joined hands together for Artrik Interiors. Working as a 3D designer, one of us had a chance to work on some interior projects including fabrications. So when we discussed this field, both of us knew that we had mutual passion and ideology towards interiors, we had to put our hard work together, which helped us to reach our goals faster and motivated us to set new goals," the founders shared.

Deepak V, Co-Founder

Artrik Interiors is a one-of-a-kind designing firm, providing quality interior services, which includes end-to-end fabrications of Modular kitchens, Residential & Commercial Spaces, 3D Interior Services which include 3D Interior Rendering, 360° Interior Views, and Interior Walk through. Artrik Interiors ensures that every customer is provided with unique and personalized design as per customer satisfaction with the help of 3D services.

In the years to come, we have plans to deliver quality projects at an affordable cost and build a satisfied customer base

The team designs in such a way that the products last long in terms of design and quality. They work from the customer's point of view which improves their experience. "To us, form and function go hand-in-hand, thus we concentrate on delivering the essentials at their best. Our goal is to make sure that every user can enjoy and experience the ambiance that we create," they inform.

The key services offered by the company are Interior Fabrication, 3D Interior Renders, 2D Internal Drawings, 360° Interior Views, and Interior Walkthrough. With low turn around time and flexible services, the firm is turning into a preferred destination for interior design services.