Ascent BPO Services: Helping Organizations through Quality Data Entry Services

Davinder Sharma,  DirectorAs organizations now increasingly adopt digitization to improve their efficiency, co-ordination, productivity and management, manual data entry is one task that continues to grow in importance. Whether inbound documents are in the form of feedback forms, catalogs, purchase orders, invoices, or any other, it is critical to capture all information from these documents into software applications, Excel Sheets, ERPs or cloud-based applications for further processing and utilization.

However, in-house manual data entry comes with its own set of challenges for an organization, like having a dedicated department for data entry which could turn out to be expensive and time taking; which is why organizations turn towards BPOs who help digitizing their data within limited budget and ensure faster deliveries while the organizations focus on their core issues and goals. Ascent BPO Service Pvt. Ltd. is one such outsourcing firm which helps organizations through its services like data entry, data processing, data conversion, web research and many more through its more than 18 working centers and 140
vendors spread all over India.

Services Offered

Founded in 2014 with the vision to produce innovative and affordable IT enabled solutions to enable humanity to explore the opportunities and services, Ascent continually communicate with, and learn from its customers in order to improve its products and services. Emerging as one of the fastest growing outsourcing service providers, the company specializes in offering major BPO products like Data Mining, Data Consolidation Segmentation & Processing, Sales, after sales services, backend support and others, which are offered as per the requirement of the client to any size of the organization.

Ascent offers a complete range of cost effective data entry services individually tailored to fulfil quality and turnaround time for its clients

The highly experienced Ascentians expertize in online, offline, survey, PDF, XML, Excel, Cart, MS Access, databases and image data entry services. It offers a complete range of cost effective data entry services individually tailored to fulfill quality and turnaround time for its clients. “We offer scalable, customized process outsourcing data entry projects solutions backed by a deep pool of consulting, technology, industry, executive, and expertise to
help you lower costs and increase quality of services,” says Manoranjan Kumar, Director, Ascent.


Based out of Noida, Ascent has always emphasized on quality work and quantity production. “We do not compromise with quality rather we increase our manpower to keep excellent quality, and we believe in hiring quality manpower and keep them in satisfactory environment to get quality output,” says Davinder Sharma, Director, Ascent. Ascent’s services are available at 75 percent below market price and accomplished at a shorter timeframe. It uses state-of-the-art infrastructure with high end PCs & dedicated servers, and also a helpdesk, which enables it to be a stand out among its competition both in the domestic and global markets. The employees of the company are closely guarded and it is made sure that no information or data escapes the workplace, therefore assuring its clients of proper safety of their data.

Charging its clients on the basis of need, continuity of the project and the workload associated with the project, the revenue of Ascent has grown in excess of 200 percent over the past one year. With every passing year, the company is growing in stature and experience which could be confirmed by the recognitions it has received from companies like IndiaMART for its quality of services. Ascent now looks forward to continue its growth and become one of the most successful BPO companies in the country.