AspireBuzz: Interactive, Adaptive & Cost-effective Learning Platform

    Vijay Basani,    Founder & CEO

Vijay Basani, Founder & CEO

To create leading edge e-Learning platform with most adaptive, innovative, accessible and cost-effective courses for students across the web to unleash their full potential’ is the driving force behind Hyderabad based AspireBuzz, the emerging techbridge. Understanding the very fact that great teachers are not only valuable to society, but also are equally great thought leaders, academic thinkers and potential entrepreneurs, AspireBuzz as an online educational tech bridge connects top quality educators and aspiring learners through an effective learning ecosystem under one umbrella platform catering to multiple learning streams. “Our objective is just not to create courses but to go beyond that and which is to create value by providing superior learning modules and choices to students through innovative methodology, access to the extensive repository with the click of a button and finally create an effective learning ecosystem connecting tutors and students benefiting from each other mutually.Most of our modules offer greater flexibility or provision in regard to time
schedules, pricing or payment,” explicates Vijay Basani, Founder & CEO, AspireBuzz.

While the education system of the country is still controlled by the age-old concepts of exams & assessments and there is a constant debate on skill vs degree, the want for a degree and it’s onus on ranks still is imperative. To cater to this need, team AspireBuzz mostly devises performance-centric test modules to help the learners instantly track their own progress through a unique module of Stimulation-based Learning (SBL) methodology.

The unique SBL methodology which challenges rote learning is a streamlined, systematic process or technique of learning by means of which the video-based interactive module provides the learners with Concept Hint- Solution Videos. The hint video aids students to solve on their own and finally, the solution video exposes concept question-connect and break complex problems into simple sub problems improving conceptual clarity and speed.

In this line, AspireBuzz e-Library is a series of meticulously curated videos that emphasizes self-paced, interactive learning with a large number of online lessons across a variety of academic subjects. “We have been growing at a steady pace partnering with top reputed tutors & quality institutes and currently around over two Lakh students visit us every month with 250000 registered students already,” says Vijay.

The Dawn of Inspiration
The ideation of AspireBuzz was born out of a personal dilemma when Vijay himself was in search of a good IIT coaching for his son. Sadly, the institution that was chosen was quite far and took hours to commute. Time is a constraint, he finally had to quit the institute and join the one in close proximity. This made Vijay understand the need for a well merited, quality accessible e-Learning platform and he zeroed in upon establishing AspireBuzz in 2016.

Experiencing the fair share of ups and downs, the company has successfully partnered with over 100+ tutors and is growing at a rapid pace. “We now have 200+ unique products in our platform. Quite candidly our flexible revenue sharing model has enabled the tutors to have a mature online presence,” he mentions.

The addressable student base of AspireBuzz has increased 10 fold and is not just confined to major cities but also has covered small towns and suburbs. “Our philosophy is to offer as much flexibility to learners in terms of recorded as well as live classes because going forward convenience and timing will still remain the main ascertaining factors. Our learners’ community forum for various streams is one symposium which we will be focusing on too, for an interactive, mentoring experience. Definitely introducing latest technology like AI to be at par with the industry is going to be in the agenda,” he concludes.