ATNEST: Redefining Co-living for the Modern Generation

Sanjay Chowdary M , Co-FounderIn India, the Co-living Space sec-tor is flourishing as it responds to the modern urban lifestyle. Modern professionals and youth are loving the combination of communal living and individual independence. This trend is being driven by the growing migration pattern and the need for effortless, move-in ready living situations. The prospect for development is promising with increasing amenities and styles that appeal to a wide range of interests in a vibrant, always changing market.

Founded in 2014 and based in Hyderabad, a booming tech-led region in the country, ATNEST is a premium co-living company creating a home-like environment for its residents, ensuring people feel at home, even while away from family. Prioritizing comfort for the residents, ATNEST takes all measures like offering top-tier amenities while also integrating environmentally conscious elements within the spaces.

Nehru Babu CH, Co-Founder

The ATNEST Promise
Founded in 2014 by Sanjay Chowdary, ATNEST is a collaborative effort, with co-founders Rajendra, Mohan, and Nehru Babu Ch joining shortly after; that embodies teamwork, resilience, and adaptability. Its diverse team, comprising 20 percent seniors, 25 percent women, and 40 percent youth, that thrives on a ‘We’ spirit acts as the backbone, enabling ATNEST to achieve its promises, becoming a trusted service provider in the industry.

ATNEST offers a comprehensive range of services to accommodate the diverse needs of students, working professionals, and business travelers, ensuring a comfortable and hassle-free stay. In addition to providing flexible accommodation solutions for both short and long-term stays, catering to various clients, ATNEST takes care of daily chores like housekeeping, laundry, and cooking, allowing residents to focus on their priorities.
The team goes the extra mile with valueadded services like transportation arrangements. Emphasizing quality, ATNEST employs regular inspections and quality audits as well. Further-more, the presence of a well-equipped commissary kitchen ensures consistent, hygienic, and delicious meals, prepared by qualified chefs catering to diverse dietary needs.

Beyond the basic amenities, AT-NEST also stands out on account of its ability to optimize space use, pri-oritizing functional living areas for residents. Leveraging technology for enhanced living experiences, ATNEST offers zero deposit homes through a collaboration with Eqaro Rental Guarantees, and ensures reliable, high-speed internet. Additionally, 24/7 CCTV surveillance is in place for residents' safety and peace of mind, reflecting ATNEST's commitment to meeting modern living expectations.

Rajendra Prasad G, Co-Founder

Journey Ahead
“At ATNEST, our mission is to redefine co-living and semi-luxury hospitality in Hyderabad and beyond. Our mission drives us to continuously exceed expectations, provide exceptional living and hospitality experiences, and contribute positively to the communities we serve while upholding the highest standards of sustainability and responsibility. Our journey so far has been exciting and we are eager to keep growing”, shares Sanjay Chowdary, Co-founder.

Rama Chandra Mohan D, Co-Founder

Having positioned itself as one of the top Co-living spaces chain, ATNEST aspires to become Hyderabad's largest co-living and semiluxury hotels operator, boasting a port-folio of 50+ facilities. The firm’s vision encompasses providing unmatched experiences to residents and guests. Financially, ATNEST's target is a turnover exceeding 150 crores by 2026, highlighting its commitment to sustainable growth.

The aim is also to expand globally, particularly in India and North America, reaching diverse communities, establishing a robust brand presence across online and traditional channels, while emphasizing quality, comfort, and innovation. To enhance efficiency and innovation, ATNEST plans to invest in advanced ERP systems and intellectual property. Moreover, sustainability and responsibility form a crucial focus, with investments in solar energy and adherence to ESG principles for a positive environmental and social impact.