ATRIOS Consulting: People Solution for Positive Results

Santosh,  Founder
When great minds band together extreme innovation in sure to happen. The establishment of the great recruitment company ATRIOS Consulting is the result such unification. Led by Santosh and his team of recruitment specialists, ATRIOS Consulting is one of the leading recruitment firms that strive towards redefining the existence of the recruitment ecosystem.

ATRIOS Consulting is specialized in social sector recruitment and largely focuses on leadership hiring. It has been associated with some of the leading NGOs in the metro cities. The sole objective of establishing it was to mitigate the exertion of hiring good leadership quality and succouring organizations with actual HR and recruitment facilities. The company mainly operates in Corporate Training and Recruitment Solutions. It manoeuvres towards enhancing leadership and personal development and provides highquality, professional recruitment services to all markets.

“We aim to manifest an environment of trust in which our candidates, clients and team are able to generate value for each other. We strive to align ourselves to the core values and culture of our clients to ensure that the leaders we hire transition into an ecosystem where they can seamlessly blend into the organisation’s culture and thrive,” says Santosh, Founder, ATRIOS Consulting.

The Offerings
ATRIOS Consulting has been proving its
Corporate training efficiencies across various domains such as Financial Services, Behavioural Training and Content Development. As far as its recruitment solutions are concern it executes detailed screening and Tele Assessments before the final selection of the candidate. To maintain perfection and stay ten steps ahead of the curve, it incorporates state-of-the-art technology and database analysis to single out prospective employees with the highest calibre that best suits the requirements of the hiring company.

ATRIOS Consulting has evolved as a trusted hiring partner for the Social Sector by donning the problem solver's hat and championing the corporate to social sector transition

Corporate and Retail Banking is yet another sector on which the company calls its attention to. Under this it crafts solutions like Trade Based Money Laundering, International Trade Finance, Retail/Commercial Banking Basic Products and others. “We didn’t keep ourselves confined to just one area. Apart from recruitment we do administer training in the core banking areas and soft skills. Our team has delivered services to various industries as Banking, Non-Banking financial Companies, Micro Finance, Fintech Companies and many others,” he adds.

Rooted in Mumbai the company has expanded its services in other vicinities including Delhi and Bangalore, serving clients from different verticals. It has observed significant growth in terms of clients, revenue and geographical presence. It services has evolved and developed substantially over the years. Till date, it has served some of the big wheels of the industry namely Magic Bus, Educate Girls, Swades Foundation, Save the Children and many others.

The Plans for tomorrow
The company aims to move laterally. It intends to solve the core human resource problems faced by the leaders but also wishes to implant its roots firmly in the socio sector space and work towards capacity building in these sectors. “We aim to widen our scope and reach in our domain which is recruitment but wish to use technology extensively. The overall aim is to leverage the available resources in Tier 3 locations that are constructive, stable and deliver a high ROI to manage certain processes which are routine yet core to our clients. We want to build a centre of excellence for Not for Profits, SMEs and Startups from their operational and outreach perspectives. Last but not the least, we aspire to be a pioneer in this space,” he concludes on a positive note.