Atton Technologies: Leads in Delivering SAP Technology Based Solutions

Technology modernization has advanced several innovative solutions that have eased and facilitated the business operations. Surprisingly, many organizations are unable to avail the benefits of these provisions due to the lack of awareness and in-formation. They usually endeavour with their business management issues without much support. The founders of Atton Technologies recognised this fault and decided the bridge the gap between the technology and concerns. Established by industry doyens who hold expertise in various enterprise applications felt the need to avail the power of technology to give a facelift to every business endeavours. Taking into account this need of the hour, the initiators have crafted out the A1 solutions in comprising two major stratums .i.e. technology consulting and digital services. Atton Technologies is a single window that opens to an array of services under the following categories such as Customer Engagements, Enterprise Applications, Platform, Analytics & User Experience and Intelligent Applications. "Not only economy but every other activity is digitised and to remain at the forefront and to match pace with the dynamic market business needs and challenges it is important to equipped with most fitting solutions and mechanisms. Considering which we have initiated devising powerful technology products, solutions and services for businesses that intends to the challenge the disruptive and competitive stance of the industry," narrates Kapil Farakte, Chief Executive Officer.

What does it Expertises In!
Atton Technologies devises top-notch IT Strategy Consulting, Enterprise application services, Cloud Services, and Automation Services. But its long-suit lies in framing SAP Enterprise resource planning, Manufacturing, Supply Chain- Planning, Transportation, Warehouse Management, Customer Engagement (CRM), Global Trade Services, Financial management and many others. All these offerings are specially designed to help
its clients create a profound set of tactics to live through the digital transformation, pin down short term as well as long term business complications and straighten them out adroitly. "At Atton Technologies we aim to bring the right services and solutions to the right people at the right time. We maintain acute transparency and agility in our dealings and make sure that the clients expectations are met in all respects," he states. Led by a team that expertise in technology, having an upper hand on the enterprise application like SAP, the company in the main streamline business process, optimize routine transactions and make technology and business strategies more comprehensive and accessible by its clients. And to do so, it adheres to the best methods and technology available and implements them with integrity and consistency.

Kapil Farakte,CEO

The Growth
The growth story of the company is in every sense is a fascinating one. In the time of its inception, the company had only one person in its team which eventually grew up to a team of 25 members. It has witnessed the same advancement in terms of its clients which have increased substantially. Being a startup, Atton Technologies' biggest achievement was to serve renowned MNCs.

Atton Technologies devises top-notch IT Strategy Consulting, Enterprise application services, Cloud Services, and Automation Services

The Future Objective
Atton Technologies aspires to pioneer as a SAP technology based solution and services provider. It intends to call the tunes over Cloud services, Artificial Intelligence, Ma-chine learning, IoT and enterprise application zones. In essence, it is determined to execute all its under-takings successfully across different verticals and dynamics.