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 Palani Loganathan,     Founder & CEO

Palani Loganathan

Founder & CEO

Home audio equipment market exceeded its worth of $25 billion in 2020 and is expected to expand at around 10 percent CAGR till 2027. Growing popularity of OTT services has boosted the demand for high performance home audio equipment as an increasing number of consumers are subscribing to various online streaming services. The desire to enjoy theatre like audio-visual ambience at home with immersive realistic sound experience across the room has been paving the way for more innovative audio systems capable of giving an experiential outcome that is close to the best of theatre experience.

The consistent evolution of the audio recording and audio reproduction technologies has allowed us to experience better sound quality while the physics of sound and its behaviour have remained the same. However, a very close understanding of the physics of sound is imperative to complement the efforts of highend audio manufacturers in achieving excellence in the listening experience. This understanding should result in creating an optimum acoustic environment without which the efforts of the equipment manufacturer or equipment integrator will remain unproductive. Therefore an exhilarating audio experience is a potent combination of manufacturing intent and technology coupled with gold standards of integration and equally complimenting acoustics. Aligning all these factors, Audio Planet was established in 1999 to serve requirements in audio-video design and integration with appropriate acoustic solutions spreading across the domains of home theatre, home high-fidelity audio, and professional segments of auditorium/studios.

Diverse Range of Offerings & Services
Palani Loganathan, the Founder & CEO of Audio Planet had the vision to emerge as a pioneer in home theatre solutions in 1999. “We strive to keep all our customers well informed about the science of home theatre and fundamentals of the 3-dimensional surround sound", he explains. His dream has turned into reality as Audio Planet has successfully emerged as a leader in home theatre and home audio segments. It is well respected for its transparent approach in taking its customers through an elaborate need analysis for arriving at the most suitable and comprehensive solution meeting its customer’s need, relative to the architecture of the room.
“Surround sound has evolved into object-based sound with emerging Dolby Atmos, DTS X technologies making room dimensions, seating positions, and acoustic calibrations significantly important. Our company has adopted cutting edge approaches in achieving the highest standards and best price for the performance for our customers", Palani adds. The RT 60, 105 dB per channel +3 dB dynamic headroom at the master listening positions and other seats of the room are of paramount importance in creating an immersive reality experience. The optimum control of standing waves and even frequency responses across the listening spectrum is crucial too. This can only be achieved by employing the highest standards of installation and the best acoustics for the room. Acoustics is a diverse subject ranging from low noise floor, isolation of listening environment from stray and spurious noise, optimum balance of absorption and diffusion contributing to the best sound dynamics.

We want to use all the technology we learnt from international players and infuse them into the Indian audio products. We are aiming to put Indian products on the global manufacturing map

Audio Planet with a comprehensive approach to room acoustics and integration of audio/video systems offers a complete package to the customer helping them understand the value of the money and time invested. Smart decisions, new approaches and elegant designs can then emerge from the team. They are the only integrators in India to use the world renowned Klippel test software "for counter checking the speakers they install in projects, just to make sure that the loud speaker mirrors all the parameters claimed by the manufacturer .

Awards & Recognitions
Palani Loganathan’s approach to keep himself and the team abreast with the latest knowledge led to his Thx professional certification-home theatre Level 1 and level 2. We started working on audio and video projects across commercial and residential segments. We accepted commercial projects like auditoriums, restaurants and gyms working for every segment till 2007 after which we only cater to the residential space, Palani states. Being in the audio business for more than two decades now, Audio planet has been recognized as 'Most trusted home theatre consultants' by the Times Group in 2017, best home theatre consultant 2018-2019 by Radio City, and 'Best home theatre consultants' by Economic Times in 2019 along with other business excellence awards.

Vision for Future
Palani further adds, “We want to use all the technology we learnt from international players and infuse them into the Indian audio products. We are aiming to put Indian products on the global manufacturing map. Their own loudspeaker brand 'Analogan' is Audio planet’s offering to the quality conscious perfectionist. A loudspeaker which embraces the best of emerging technologies and also does not loose track of Time proven legacy approaches. The Speaker has global participation in components sourced from the best in the world. The speaker has been designed by UK based loudspeaker designer Geoff Hill who has four decades of design expertise having worked with the top brands of the world. The use of the acclaimed Klippel software ensures the highest compliance to standards on the manufacturing line".

A Market Veteran
Palani Loganathan has 22 years of experience in helping customers evaluate home theatre concepts and choose the most optimum approach, products, acoustics and accessories. He is THX certified professional, empowered with knowledge of home theatre calibration from Cedia University. His journey of helping customers is all about staying conscious of the science that may differentiate products and approaches of home music and home theatre. That is why Audio Planet is more of a consultant than a retailer of products and the customers have shared liberal testimonials highlighting the same.