Augen Media Works: Compelling Advertising That Creates An Impact

Harish Nanjala,,Co-Founder & CEO

Harish Nanjala,

Co-Founder & CEO

Advertising plays an integral part of our social and economic life. It employs powerful techniques to promote sales that help distribution make great strides. Everyday, new brands enter the market, and every brand has the need to stand out from the crowd and position themselves in a way that demands attention from consumers who are flooded with a variety of choices.

To put it simply, an average person sees a minimum of 5000 ads per day and it is entirely possible that a brand gets visibility of just a few minutes or seconds. In this context, advertising is crucial to differentiate a brand from their competitors, increase brand equity, create desires and also retain customers.

Augen Media Works is one such advertising agency that has created ripples in the advertising world with their compelling work. For them, advertising is the business of creativity and ideas, nurtured with forms of content and art. According to Harish Nanjala, Founder and CEO, “Paddling through this endless universe of creativity with a single point conviction; Engagement is not buying attention, but building it.
We have been crafting cross-functional communications for consumer brands, corporates and even startups offering clutter breaking innovations since some time. We like to call Augen MW a working vision. A product of perseverance and rebellion. A vision, where creativity is in the air.”

Augen is a firm believer that great ads can only be delivered by people with a deep social and cultural understanding of the communities they are designing for. Advertising is a business of constant learning, and after 6 years in the business, Augen has come a long way whilst serving over 450+ clients. However, their best is yet to come as stories never end at Augen. Harish Nanjala further adds, “ We don't limit ourselves or stick to any formula. We like to experiment and explore new verticals to deliver our commitments. We strongly believe what seems to be impossible today can be made possible with time and effort. “

We don't limit ourselves or Stick to any formula. We like To experiment and explore New verticals to deliver our Commitments

Under the leadership of Harish Nanjala, Augen was built to provide holistic integrated marketing solutions and has acquired over 450 clients across diverse industries. They have collaborated with 35+ releasing agencies, 50+ PR agencies and 12 national agencies in India to improve Augen’s branding, digital marketing, web development and international campaign design capabilities. With their cutting-edge expertise, Augen has executed over 700 campaigns by leveraging omnichannel marketing opportunities. They’ve observed a 22% growth in sales and 85% client retention by providing remarkable growth trajectories for their clients. They’ve transformed a 40-year-old legacy company by adopting the digital medium to expand their International client base to 65 countries.

Since the 6 years of inception, Augen has expanded operations in 14 cities of India and 3 countries and have onboarded corporate brands to startups. Their enviable clientele include Astral Pipes, BPTP Limited, BASF, etc. Augen has established a lot of accomplishments starting from designing and executing marketing campaigns to becoming visible on international platforms to bringing miraculous expansions for clients - they have come a long way in a relatively short time.