Augie Pets: Ensuring the Well-being of Your Furry Friend's Health by Using Sustainable Practices

 Dr. Ravi Pachaiyappan, Founder,  M. Parthasarathy, CEO

Dr. Ravi Pachaiyappan, Founder

M. Parthasarathy, CEO

The rising consumer desire for pampering and specialized services for furry family members is fueling the rise of the pet care industry. While pet ownership has significantly expanded, it is now more important than ever to have pet food and other necessities. Businesses, however, weren't prepared for the sudden rise in product demand, which has caused several problems for the sector, including rising equipment prices, problems with the supply chain, a labor shortage, and others. Due to the difficulty in meeting demand, there is a less supply of the product and higher pricing. Augie is keenly aware of the market situation and strives to provide pet parents with relevant, affordable, and efficient pet care products and services to assist them in providing better care for their furry buddy.

Founded in 2021, Augie Pets has come to be seen as a wide range of premium pet products in India. The firm is dedicated to providing pet parents with nutritionally well balanced pet foods & treats, interesting pet care products, and services. The company offers its customers an extensive portfolio of more than 2,000+ items across categories such as nutrition, wellness, grooming, and lifestyle. CEO of Augie attests that their core offerings food, treats, toys, and grooming supplies get a lot of traction from pet parents. “We are striving to deliver the best experiences and products that promote the health and happiness of animals everywhere. Our mission is to become an innovative, customer focused pet food and services
company that makes life amazing for pets", shares Parthasarathy M., CEO. The core team consists of Dr. Ravi Pachaiyappan, Founder and Investor along with Parthasarathy the CEO. They are the dynamic duo that are the brains behind Augie and everything it stands for.

Augie understands the constantly evolving pet care market. Naturally, in the dynamic pet care environment, Augie strives to meet the specific needs of pet parents. “We have customized meal care plans, services, and all the needs. The market is already heating up with existing competitors. Still, our products would be unique as we have done an extensive study to develop world-class products for which we have already acquired resources for the pet food manufacturing unit. Entry barriers are limited, and we continue to create unique products and services which are difficult to replicate", says Parthasarathy. Augie's uniqueness is Pet+Me - The scented grooming brush made up of unique silicone with a shelf life of five years. Caru Pet Food is a super-premium, FDA-approved, glutton-free, human-grade food. The products served by the firm remain distinctive, for example, CBD oil healthcare products offer world class performance.

Parthasarathy M., CEO

“Augie foresees the importance of digital means to reach wider audiences, naturally, we have expanded our compassionate energy in social media like Instagram, Facebook as well as LinkedIn platforms which have been doing exceptionally well. With our Augie Pets App launch, growth has reached never before seen levels in terms of reaching new heights. Our social media reach, with the aid of digital marketing tools, has made Augie a tremendous success", says Parthasarathy. By taking a unique and innovative approach to pet care, Augie will differentiate itself in a crowded marketplace and meet the evolving demands of pet owners.

Parthasarathy M., the CEO of Augie has over 16 years of experience in project management in the petrochemical industry. Parthasarathy M says, “We see an excellent opportunity to establish the AUGIE brand within three years of our operations. AUGIE’s approach will change this market dynamics with human-grade meat in different forms, and soon launch some 'UNIQUE concepts' that will surely disrupt the market.”