Avertech Services: Bringing Entrepreneurial Ideas to Real Businesses

Jitendra Bauddha ,  Founder & CEO

Jitendra Bauddha

Founder & CEO

Recent technological advancements in the field of Cloud computing have revolutionized the way individuals and businesses access and use IT. Instead of storing data and applications onpremise, businesses can now access them from remote servers hosted by cloud service providers. This has led to significant cost savings, increased flexibility, and improved scalability for businesses. However, cloud service providers face several challenges in their operations such as security and privacy concerns, compliance requirements, cost management, scalability and availability, inter-operability, and vendor lock-in. Therefore, it becomes necessary to find a competent service provider and Avertech Services is an organization dealing in digital transformation and IT products and services including Cloud.

Cloud Managed Services
Based out of Noida and established in 2020, Avertech Services was set up with an aim to provide an end to end solution such as AWS Cloud Migration, Cloud Deployment, DevOps Solution, Cloud Managed Services, Cloud Migration, and Cloud Security. The organization assists clients to navigate their business-critical applications to the cloud at an affordable price. The Amazon Web Services (AWS) Consulting Services can be leveraged to provide customized solutions to drive organizational growth. “At Avertech Services, we strive to help our customers to develop and execute Amazon Cloud
Migration, which assists them to migrate their applications, data, and storage operations to Amazon Cloud from the existing infrastructure. We have a mission to provide our clients with unique and tailored methodologies and solutions that can enable them to drive business growth through Cloud innovation”, informs Jitendra Bauddha, Founder & CEO, Avertech Services.

What differentiates Avertech Services from other players in the market is the 18-member, certified team of professionals who have years of experience working in various industry verticals such as financial services, logistics, e-commerce, and healthcare. The team has a deep understanding of solution architecting, Kubernetes, Docker, CI/CD, serverless architecture, and Cloud formation/Terraform. “There has been an increase in demand for cloud-based solutions, especially since Covid-19 since the firms want to adopt remote working models, and this concerns the customers about security. So, the need to search for a dependable and secure infrastructure that can be cost-effective has increased in the past 2-3 years”, adds Jitendra.

Striving for Excellence
Avertech Services focuses on providing assured quality services to its customers through a process of planning, strategizing, and defining a scope of work and serving better with a certified team. With a vision to position itself as a leader in India in the creation, optimization, and evolution of products deployed in the cloud, Avertech Services not only provides customized services but also helps explore areas of risk and mitigate them. The organization has exhibited a high level of expertise in designing, building, migrating, and managing complex solutions on AWS. This has enabled the organization to become an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and attain an excellent position in the market over other competitors.

Robust Roadmap
Technological advancements in IT and Cloud have had a profound impact on the way of life and work. It has enabled businesses to be more productive, efficient, and competitive and has allowed individuals to access and use IT in new and innovative ways. Avertech Services, in the near future, aims to become a DevOps partner for AWS. The organization also aims to provide superior quality services through its certified team at an affordable price. The organization has seen exponential growth in the last two years of its presence in the market and aims to become the most sought-after firm in the country.