Ayurveda: The Gift of Nature, by Additri'sInnvortis

In this fast-moving robotic mundane lifestyle, people have virtually forgotten how natural products are consumed. The Indian ancient wisdom of Ayurveda has already displayed a pathway to a healthier lifestyle and gorging habits. But, the advancement in the FMCG sector has deteriorated human wellbeing. A Lucknow, UP-based Ayurvedic startup ­ Additri'sInnvortis Herbal Private Limited is changing the way Ayurveda products are conceived. The complete organic and effective herbal product range by the company is outsourced from world leaders in manufacturing Ayurveda products.

Ayurveda is India's 5000-year-old scientific approach to health-care and herbal treatment. The ayurvedic treatments assure no side effects with long-term relief. The Ayurveda has proved to be more beneficial than many modern scientific treatment techniques and is healing the world with its gentle therapeutic touch.

Compliment Your Body and Soul with Herbal Supplement
Ayurvedic products are known for a variety of medical benefits for improving physical as well as mental health. Additri'sInnvortis has two main herbal products ­ Aloevera Juice and Giloy (with Neem and Tulsi) Juice. The other herbal products include Immune well juice, Fit-well juice, Amla juice, Karela Jamun juice, Vigowell syrup, Heart well syrup, Stone care syrup, Gynowell syrup, Iron syrup, Livwell syrup, Digest well syrup, and Joint care syrup.

The Aloevera juice is known for reducing the alkalinity of the human body, reducing dehydration by hydrating the body helping in detoxification, improved liver health, boosting most of the nutrients into the body making the skin younger and healthier, promotes hair growth, relief from heartburn, many digestive benefits and much more.

Additri's herbal Giloy (with Neem and Tulsi) Juice can be used as a medicinal supplement in the treatment of all kinds of flu.
It is also used for purifying the digestive system, reducing the chances of skin diseases, and blood purification. It can be consumed by diabetic patients as well since Neem is a natural blood purifier, Giloy prevents skin infections and flareups, and Tulsi, a herbal medicinal plant, can easily cure various diseases like the common cold, malaria, etc.

Bipin Prasad, Vinayak Gupta & Anamika Gupta,Directors

Since its inception in 2018, Additri'sInnvortis has become a prominent leader in the Ayurvedic products industry with its dedication and diligent workforce. The company's belief in Ancient Vedic Knowledge has led to the foundation of its success and can be seen with its modern research and manufacturing techniques.

Additri'sInnvortis leveraging the ayurvedic know-how for introducing better quality herbal products to its consumers. The company's motto is to give everyone a sustainable lifestyle with a healthier body and mind. Additri'sInnvortis also supports organic farming as it produces more biodiversity than any other farming technique.

Additri'sInnvortis is acting as a catalyst in the Indian Ayurvedic and Herbal sector growth with its top-quality products and a wider market reach

The recent annual revenue generation by Additri'sInnvortis shows that the company will soon be crossing the one crore mark by the next financial year. The company is planning to expand its product portfolio by nine new products lined up for launch. Also, the company has seen a gradual rise in its sales revenue post-pandemic. Additri'sInnvortis has set up its base in Lucknow as the headquarter and is now preparing to expand its customer reach by targeting the complete North Indian Ayurvedic products market.