Azista Industries: Delivering Qualitative Dehydrated Food Items throughout the Year

Ravi Chandra Reddy,  Board of Director

Ravi Chandra Reddy

Board of Director

Food processing is essentially the process of transforming agricultural products into consumable food products. Due to the wide range of food products that India harvests and further prepares for consumption, the food processing industry constitutes a significant portion of the country's economy. One of the largest in the world, India's food processing industry is anticipated to generate US$ 535 billion by 2025­2026 and is expected to generate 9 million jobs by 2024. The growth of health conscious customers and retail demand are the driving forces behind the rapid growth of the industry.

Azista Industries is a well-known firm founded specifically to manufacture healthy food products to promote good health and a balanced diet all across the world. The firm uses modern equipment to process fruits, vegetables, and powders utilizing a special food dehydration method that preserves the nutritional value of the finished products."We started Azista with a vision of becoming the most preferred consumer healthcare company in India.

At Azista, we find the consumer to be at the center and innovation is our guiding spirit," says Ravi Chandra Reddy, Board of Director. The firm's journey began in 2015 toward agricultural commodities to support RTE foods and later expanded to manufacture a variety of goods and systems for the commercialization of agricultural products. Azista oversees the cultivation of 500 acres of crops and provides general guidance to 150 farmer groups as it believes that giving back to the environment is important for sustainability.

"We are fortunate to partake in an industry that requires utmost dedication, innovation and wonderful people. Our industry is
diversified across brands, categories, channels and skills a thriving industry with strong relative growth within the consumer-packaged goods space. Our company is uniquely positioned to offer excellent products that are safe and healthy. We support the Industries in all aspect of Product development in the Ingredient space and plant based Ingredients to Support Indian Markets to have high rich protein foods to have mass balances” says M Srinivas Reddy Managing Director, Azista Industries Private Limited. Currently, Azista offers food snacks under the trade name Azista Taste Good Biscuits, made with karela as a prime ingredient, and Spice Sip, a tea that is primarily used to increase immunity provides other health benefits. The firm employs experts that the quality meets the customers' expectations. To give local farmers and food producers additional opportunities to sustainably recoup their labor intensive investments, the firm invests in creating and expanding innovative support structures.

We are a team of young energetic individuals who dream of bettering the lives of customers and are passionate about building a future that everyone can celebrate

“We are a team of young energetic individuals who dream of bettering The lives of customers and are passion ice about building a future that everyone can celebrate," says Ravi Chandra Reddy. Azista believes that constant human skill improvement is essential for the manufacturing sector, thus the firm keeps the workforce informed about FSSAI and FOSCO training and upskills them in industry standards. To make sure that the specification needs are met, the firm has high end machinery and places a greater emphasis on ethical product procurement and SEDEX standards. The firm values its customers' needs above all other considerations and has a customer-centric marketing approach that makes it reliable and trustworthy among the customers. Top MNCs like ITC, MARICO, CAPITAL FOODS, and all Ready to Eat Segment Food Companies that are into RTE Food Manufacturing are among the firm's clients.

M Srinivas Reddy, Managing Director

"We aim to expand our product line to include leafy greens and herbs to meet the domestic demand, and enhance the nutritional value of plant-based proteins while focusing on the product supply for body mass enrichment and other pertinent information," signs off Ravi Chandra Reddy.