Baclinc Ventures: A Full-Service Digital Agency

Abhishek Yadav,FounderA talented young entrepreneur, Abhishek Yadav had great proclivity for writing blogs and web-sites. This inclination enlightened him with the idea of getting his own affiliated blog. This penchant drove his attention to the digital marketing space and brought forward the motive of starting a digital marketing business. One thing led to the other and a series of events ultimately led to the establishment of a full-service digital agency advancing innovative and constructive solutions to brands and businesses by using the potentiality of Web, eCommerce and Digital Marketing. The notion enticed many professional experts who joined Abhishek to shape the existence of Baclinc Ventures. "I basically started my entrepreneurial journey when I was just 17 years old. My flair of writing blogs and interest to know about the digital marketing scenario impelled me to share my thoughts and ideas with my now Co-Founder Shalmali Parkar. The concept interested the both of us and we took the initiative and structured Baclinc Ventures," narrates Abhishek Yadav, Founder, Baclinc Ventures.

The object of bringing this venture into existence was to avail the power of technology to make high-quality Digital Marketing services. The company is cohering to both conventional wisdom and practical advice to think up solutions that help businesses in the digital front. It is on the mission of tracking down and studying the business model in order to take its own business ahead and also help its client fulfil their objective.
What does it holds expertise in!
This young digital marketing firm has been conferring digital marketing services for the last three years. The young and prolific team has been crafting out a cluster of best marketing solutions such as SEO Services, Social Media Management, Content Writing, Lead Generation and Social Media Marketing Service. It functions as Startup Consultancy, App Development and Product Photography provider as well. "We hold expertise in SEO which we have been dealing with for the last five years. Gradually we strode towards setting hands on the other aspects of the digital marketing sphere. It is our dab hands in handling the SEO technical processes and backlinks that incited us to adopt the name Baclinc," he adds.

Shalmali Parkar, Co-Founder

Growing the company's overall stature in the market is one of the prime aims of the prime movers. From understand and cater the clients marketing needs. The three years old company has carved its way in the most progressive way. It has been observing an exponential revenue growth. Its efforts and top-notch services have gained it acute recognition which has encouraged it to keep moving ahead. It is all set to focus in sculpting creative and eye-catching content. One of its major contributing is developing a podcast by the name `The internet Bread' which can be operated on all major platforms.

Baclinc Ventures has set an amazing impact in the international market too

Not only in India but Baclinc Ventures has set an amazing impact in the international market too. It has plans to collaborate with some of the big wheels of the industry across the nation. Apart from all these, they are forging ahead in devising technology that can ease the understanding and usage of SEO by streamlining effectual processes and techniques that can be of great help to other digital marketing companies as well. "We are not confining ourselves to just one domain but intend to serve clients from different verticals. We are focusing on working on making a lot of digital marketing SAAS products as well as producing digital marketing educational content for Youtube and other channels," he concludes.