Balvvardhak Foods: Delivering Nutritious Baby Foods, Fresh from Kitchen to Table

  Amruta Sallunke,    FounderThe baby food market is flooded with various processed options filled with artificial chemicals. The lack of knowledge among new parents regarding the best ways to meet their growing child’s nutritional needs, coupled with the easy availability, busy life styles, and quick preparation, leads the majority of parents to choose them. While a lot of parents wish to feed their children homemade alter natives, the uncertainty about the right foods to feed young children, the lack of time for working parents and nuclear families, and the lack of knowledge about preparing them, steer many parents away. To bridge this gap, BALVVARDHAK Foods came into being. Founded in 2021 by recognizing the dire need for homemade baby foods that are made using Indi an-origin staples like pulses, flours, and more, the company started as a One Mom Army, offering a range of baby food mixes, prepared fresh and without any hidden ingredients.

Meeting Your Baby’s Nutritional Needs

Promoting the use of super foods like millets, legumes, nachni, sathu, and more; BALVVARDHAK aims to make baby foods with the right nutritional components needed for babies. “When your child starts eating solids, it's natural for you to give your little one only the best in nutrition.

At BALVVARDHAK, we stick to our Indian roots and follow what our grandmothers used to advise. A variety of Indian super foods, cereals, and pulses is all the nutrition your baby needs to be fit and healthy. Moreover, we deliver fresh from our kitchen to yours! That's a mom's as surance”, shares Amruta Sallunke, Founder, BALVVARDHAK Foods.
Every baby product at BALVVARDHAK Foods is created without the addition of any artificial preservatives or hidden ingredients. The brand aims to prevent early diabetes and child obesity by providing pure, sugar-free baby food. To maintain the integrity of its products, BALVVARDHAK Foods is only made in small batches to ensure children only get the freshest food. Moreover, its products are only made available through the brand’s platform across India and cannot be seen on shelves in grocery stores. Despite limited sales channels, the brand has accumulated over 15,000 clients since its inception.

BALVVARDHAK Foods provides ease & support to parents in today's hectic world by serving the best homemade meals to our future generations

Delivering its products Pan India, BALVVARDHAK pays close attention to ensuring optimum product quality through various measures. From selecting the right vendors to source raw materials to finding different raw materials from different regions where they are grown, to packaging prepared foods, the company ensures high-quality products without any nutrition loss.

Aspirations for the Future

“We aim to provide healthy homemade fresh food to all babies equally affordable to all, and we would like to take a small share in empowering/helping our Indian working women in this fast-paced life by providing them ready-to make fresh food. In the process, we also intend to empower the women working for us by making them self reliant and confident. Also, for a complete nutritional foundation, we are bringing up homemade snack food varieties for 2-10 years toddlers and kids and also special power foods for women which are in the pipeline”, further shares Amruta.

To fulfill this objective, BALVVARDHAK is gearing up to expand its production capabilities to various cities across India. This expansion is anticipated to help the brand ensure that all of its products reach children across the country in the shortest time frame, ensuring freshness for a longer time. With a dedication to ensuring all babies receive healthy, hearty, and nutritional homemade meals, BALVVARDHAK Foods is on the route to revamp the instant baby food industry.