BasicBrowns: An Organic Alternative for a Healthier Lifestyle

Madhuri Chaduvula,Founder & CEO

Madhuri Chaduvula

Founder & CEO

BasicBrowns is one of the leading online platforms that assists individuals in transitioning away from health-hazardous products to a natural, chemical free lifestyle. BasicBrowns is an online store, established by Madhuri Chaduvula with the vision of providing an organic alternative to every product that we use in our day-to-day life. Prior to the establishment of BasicBrowns, Madhuri Chaduvula served as the CEO of a big corporation and has more than 20 years of experience in strategic and operational excellence.

Madhuri Chaduvula wanted to move to organic products in order to give a better chemicalfree lifestyle to her family. While making the shift towards organic and chemical-free products, she realized that there were not many choices available. Predominantly there was only one brand that was available in the supermarket and that brand did not have all the items that she wanted to buy. Further, the price point of the organic products was relatively high as compared to the normal products. So she began to wonder how, in a country with such a vast population, there is only one organic brand in the market, and if there are others, why aren't they visible to the customers. And she was very certain in her mind that there
would be lots of others like her who want to make that move but are having difficulty doing so. That's when she decided to establish an e-Commerce platform that facilitates people to move to a healthy and better lifestyle at an affordable price.

BasicBrowns is attempting to cover every product that used in our day to day life right from the toothpaste that we used in the morning to the night cream that we apply before heading towards the bed. It aims to provide an alternative to every product we use in our daily lives, with over 1100 products available on its eCommerce platform. These 1100 products are categorized into baby care bath & body care, organic foods, home care, organic friendly and traditional products, and organic COVID care. "Being an aggregator and not the manufacturers of these products give us the flexibility to offer multiple products from several brands at various price points and most importantly we are never out of stock. People depending on their affordability can make the transition to chemicalfree lives. We don't deal with any products that haven't been certified by a regulatory authority which makes us a reliable exclusive organic, natural, and chemical free product platform. We can vouch for the credibility and authenticity of these products", emphasizes Madhuri Chaduvula, the Founder & CEO.

BasicBrowns was established to facilitate people move to a healthy and better lifestyle at an affordable price

Since its inception in 2020, BasicBrowns has received a huge positive response in terms of product and idea acceptability in Hyderabad. Within the last 15 months, the firm has acquired more than 5000 customers with about 49 percent as returning customers, indicating that customers are well pleased with the product. Further, the firm is receiving an average order value of Rs. 1350 which for any e-Commerce company, especially in the grocery market that it is operating in, is pretty high by the industry standard. And as it forges ahead, the firm hopes to expand its operations across the nation and is looking for investors to support BasicBrowns in its journey. "Our two key objectives we want people to go back to their roots, to the kind of lifestyle and products our fore fathers used To make lives better by eliminating chemical exposure", concludes Madhuri.