Basilion: A Global Gateway to Scientific Services & Opportunities

Darshan Dave,Founder & CEO

Darshan Dave

Founder & CEO

Darshan Dave, an enthused healthcare professional perceived several glitches in the up and running of the healthcare industry. He steered his vocation in innovating effective solutions to mitigate ominous challenges such as optimization and streamlining resources. He endeavoured to raise a global gateway that would promote lucrative business opportunities across verticals like Healthcare Products, Research Projects and Scientific Services. Thus the thought provoking idea of shaping up this aspiration dawned upon him in the year 2018 and he framed the genesis of Basilion- one-click Global Outsource Manage, established to fill the gap and creating a technology-driven bridge between Buyer/Service Seeker and Suppliers/Service Providers, globally. "I very much agree with Joyce Meyer's maxim where he says that the greatest gift you can give to your family and the world is a healthy you. And it's true, we all have one life and living it in a healthy way is the best thing we can do for ourselves. This passion of leading and aspiring others to lead a vigorous life inspired me to pursue Pharmacy as profession. Through Basilion I intend to help startups, MSMEs and other enterprises to effortlessly manage the outsourcing skill & negotiation contracting, and at the same time moderating and managing the Outsourcers," narrates
Darshan Dave, Founder & CEO, Basilion.

Key Functions
The functionality of Basilion is vast and diverse, based on the specific exigencies; it has engineered a gamut of products and services. It's the only organization to have established the first and world's largest and B2B portal which is particularly assigned specifically devised to keep a tab on the various business requirements. B2B Digital Marketplace, Lead Management, Product Procurement Management, Projects & Service Management, Freelance Service Management and Socio-scientific Marketing are some of the best features of this innovation. Throwing light on which he says, "Our activities are segregated into two parts Products and Services, In the Product category we subsumes the different genre of pharma consisting of API, Raw Material, Finished formulation, Medical Device, AYUSH Products, Surgical, Nutraceuticals, Pharma machineries and others. On the other hand, our Service part includes a wide range of service providers including contract research organisation, scientific consultancy, hospitals, freelancers, logistic support, laboratory, service provider organisation and many more."

The Forward Movement
As a bootstrapped start-up, Basilion has created a niche for itself in the ecosystem. Under the unique supervision of the founder, the firm has perceived an impressive early traction. Founder has spent substantial years in the industry which has earned his extensive experience, valuable research data and proof of concept. Availing these proficiencies, he has composed the Minimum Viable Product. At the current time, the company is at a stage where it can be tested on larger Pharma & Healthcare community worldwide considering the initial features of product. "We are just a two year old company but it would not be wrong to say that we had an incredible journey full of new discoveries and experiences. We have toiled hard to construct a strong base for the company and as a result we are likely to experience an exponential growth where we are estimating to on board about 130 clients with total revenue of 1M USD and manpower of 65 people by March 2021. By 2025 we expect to reach 8900 clients with total revenue of 85M USD with manpower of 760 people," he adds.

India's pharmaceutical industry is expected to reach new crowning points which will eventually bestow new opportunities to entrepreneurs. Basilion is all set to avail these constructive scopes to manoeuvre its operations towards the peak of perfection and develop Aggregator Portal with customised features which with help the clients to save their resources.