Bats on Delivery: Because Hunger knowns no Time

Kaushalya Choudhary, ,MD & Chairperson

Kaushalya Choudhary,

MD & Chairperson

“The food tech market is growing at a rapid pace. However, there exists a deterrent in terms of technology as well as the quality of food itself. If you see around, you would find that most of food tech companies are investing in easy to store and delivery of food.Whereas we are working on Indian food &and our focus is more on how to keep food fresh healthy and delicious,” mentions Kaushalya Choudhary, MD & Chairperson, Bats on Delivery.

A late-night food delivery start- up, Gurugram based Bats on Delivery delivers food, groceries, essential toiletries, and food services to its customers. With outlets in Delhi and Gurgaon, this unique platform oversees the food from preparation to delivery.“Our widespread offering diet conscious dishes, prompt delivery, hygienic and eco-friendly packaging are our USPs which we promise to maintain throughout,” says Kaushalya.

Bats on Delivery operates both online and offline food delivery service where it controls every aspect of its service including preparation and delivery of the
dishes. Its menu consists of mainly north Indian dishes and it also supplies items such as groceries, and other. Known to keep hygiene and quality of food at the epitome, team Bats on Delivery attempts to deliver dishes as healthy as possible. “Hygiene is something we take very seriously and we ensure to use only the best of the materials. We have obtained all necessary certifications for our kitchen,” says Kaushalya.

Bats on Delivery operates both online and offline food delivery service where it controls every aspect of its service including preparation and delivery of the dishes

Good Food. Anytime!
Going beyond the stereotypes of raat ke 3 baje kaun khana khayega, team Bats on Delivery has come a long way since its inception in 2016. As a matter of fact, the company has created a whole new market space where once they were the only players. Now there are over 100 players all with their own specialties. “We are working between 7pm to 5am to serve our clients and that is what makes us stand out in the crowd,”speaks Kaushalya.

The team does not mind to walk that extra mile to deliver services off time.“Once we got a call from a concierge who was from one of the leading MNCs
that one of their very important client is asking for a tulip bouquet at 3 in the night. Though we only provide this service till 11.00 but since the person was requesting, we made our rider go find the house of flower shop owner and got them delivered at no extra cost,” she avers.

Bats on Delivery mostly targets customers who work in night shifts or those who wishes to just have a relaxing evening rather than going out.“We also came up with concept of no doorbells so that if you order and others in your family are sleeping they won’t be awaken,” she adds. In addition to this, the company has made extensive use of technology to make their presence stronger in apps like Zomato and Swiggy. “We have invested a great deal on CRM so that we can provide personalized solutions to our patrons and very soon they would be able to experience it,” she further adds.

The Road Ahead
Bats on Delivery works with their primary vision of aiming for excellence by being the best, consistent and most reliable in the city for late night needs pertaining hunger, thirst, talab, Indian-breads and emergencies. In due course, the company’s growth has been extremely good despitea slump in the market. “There has been a significant amount invested in Batson Delivery and we are fortunate enough to get proper mentors seed investors right when we required them,” Kaushalya concludes.