Bazee 11: Shifting the needle of Online Gaming in the direction of 'Skillful Gaming'

 Soum Chakraborty,    CEOThe Indian online gaming sector has witnessed exponential growth in recent years, and the market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 46 percent over next few years. The market has slowly moved from just entertainment based gaming to strategy-based real money gaming, leading to huge investment in the sector. Based out of Kolkata, Bazee 11 is a gaming platform, where Skills meets Entertainment.

Conceived during the COVID-19 pandemic as a fantasy cricket application, Bazee 11 is the brain-child of a team of passionate and experienced professionals. The company is led by three core members Soum Chakraborty, Puneet Jain and Anil Kumar who took out time make their passion a profession.

Soum Chakraborty (CEO) has an experience of 18 years in driving revenue growth in the finance sector and skills of converting opportunities to competitive advantages; Puneet Jain (COO) of the company possess more than 17 years of global and diversified industries experience in strategic planning, Process Excellence & Operational Excellence, while Anil Kumar(CMO) holds a diverse experience of 30 years in tele communication, resource management and marketing strategy.

Excelling the Concept of 'Learn N Earn'
Bazee 11 has created a rewarding and engaging gaming platform where strategy and skill-development take a forefront rather than simple entertainment. The developers want its users to enhance their analytical
skills, personality, decision-making abilities. The gaming company’s aim is to provide a global yet rounded gaming experience with a strategy of helping gamers ‘learn & earn’ their way to winnings and rewards.

Talking about the changing scenario in online gaming, Soum Chakraborty, CEO, Bazee 11 says, “The Real Money Gaming (RMG) space has expanded from card based games to fantasy sports and recently to hyper casual/casual games, leading the way to strong investment opportunities”. He adds, “Presently, about 4 percent of mobile games on the Play Store are from Indian publishers. As Indian game developers transition from developing social games to multiplayer games, Indian developers are expected to create games that are better suited for Indian audiences”.

Bazee 11 has created a rewarding and engaging gaming platform where strategy and skill development take a forefront rather than simple entertainment

Pandemic Paved the Way
The founders of Bazee 11 came up with the idea for the gaming platform during the pandemic, when the world was stuck at home and the demand for virtual games witnessed immense surge. As a fantasy cricket application, Bazee 11’s concept prototype was tested by hosting gaming sessions on social media platforms like Instagram & Facebook. Within weeks, the consumer base grew big enough to manage on social platform, and eventually, Bazee11 – the multi gaming platform was launched. Soum says, “We initially targeted our gaming app towards millennials but the platform, given its skill-based gaming system, is now seeing engagement from all age groups”.

Steady Growth & Future Plans
Bazee 11 has witnessed steady growth since inception, courtesy their effective onboarding strategies and competitive advantage. In a small time span of two years, the platform managed to grow its registered gamer base to more than 15000+ users. Owing to the innovative concept and runaway success, the platform has been acknowledged as one of the 'Promising Startups in Gaming Indsutry'by the Department of International Trade, Govt. of UK. Future plans for the firm includes growing their gaming community by expanding to foreign markets.

Talking about growth & future plans for Bazee 11, Soum Chakraborty says, “Our next segment of growth is aligned to introduce a marketplace of gamers and shall be endorsing them the opportunity to earn. Further, our shielded model has ensured a value proposition to enhance the revenue verticals by various means and with a unique positioning in optimizing the cost”.