Bcx Bio Organics: Serving Mother Earth by Providing Organic Signature Inputs

Satheesh Palani,  Director & Partner

Satheesh Palani

Director & Partner

Agriculture employs approximately half of India's workforce contribution, accounting for about 18.3 percent of India's GDP in 2020. Farmers lose a significant income as pests and weeds attack their crops; hence crop protection chemicals can play a vital role when judiciously applied, protecting the crop and produce from problems and increasing farm productivity. The demand for food grains and increasing awareness about the need for crop protection chemicals to arrest crop loss are two major factors driving growth in the crop protection sector. Major agrochemical companies are investing in R& D to bring new biological products that cater to the needs of Indian farmers. Established in 2017, BCX Bio Organics is India's first manufacturer of a complete range of certified organic inputs and is a subsidiary company of Primara Agritech, a leading exporter of tissue culture plants, consulting industries all over world and also into organic infusions.

Today, farmers require an affordable range of products that are easy to use and show the best results, which results in good quality yields and decent capital returns. For the past seven years, BCX Bio Organics have been serving 3000 hectares of agricultural lands, exclusive organic farms, and 700 farmers across India and other countries, with the best quality in organic fertilizers, biopesticides, micronutrients, herbal and organics plant growth promoters, and biotech products and export tissue culture plants throughout the world, like Africa, UAE, Middle East, Nepal, Srilanka, etc. “We have an entire
range of certified organic inputs which will fulfill any farmer's needs as our products are compatible with both organic and inorganic farming” speaks Er. Satheesh Palani, Director and Partner, M/s BCX Bio Organics, Bengaluru.

BCX Bio Organics has a diverse range of products that can rectify all crop diseases and soil fertility problems. The product range includes plant growth regulators, micromacro nutrient supplements, pesticides, fungicides, virudicide, nematicides, protectants, soil conditioners, and controlled release nutrient granules. They also consist of an R & D department where leaf, soil, and water tests are done to analyze the cause of the crop issues and prescribe the necessary remedies for the concern. At BCX, we provide guidance and lab facilities to research scholars for their academic purpose. Over 68 research scholars have successfully completed their realtime projects and thesis work for various science disciplines under courses like M. Sc, M. Phil and Ph.D. Our agriculture guidance focuses completely on sustainable farming and integrated pest management", speaks Dr. Manasa. P. Satheesh, CTO and Partner, M/s BCX Bio Organics.

Improving Soil Fertility
BCX Bio Organics has a team of experienced agronomists and territory advisors across India who visit and do the need of farmers. The company holding its team hashad direct and indirect influence and exposure to the farmer's community over 15 years so far through various streams. BCX products are carbon enriched, bringing lasting love for soil quality among farmers; they benefit the soil for 100s of years. The effects increase nitrogen and other essential nutrients, encourage microorganisms to thrive in the ground, and thus increase soil fertility. Its package of applications returns carbon to the soil that is released as CO2 into the atmosphere, called carbon sequestration, and this carbon-negative process can help stop global warming. BCX products help in an almost 70 percent reduction in chemical fertilizers, mainly Urea, and an 80 percent reduction in chemical Pesticides and Fungicides, which develops a residue-free farming environment. The company has won 10 awards in its lifecycle so far, like India 5000 Best MSME Award. Having products manufactured under NPOP guidelines of APEDA, Govt of India and certified by Control Union.