Better Juice: A Novel Definition to Healthy Juice

Gail & Eran Blachinsky,Co- CEO & C0-founders

Gail & Eran Blachinsky

Co- CEO & C0-founders

Besides being a convenient health enhancing drink, juice serves as an important flavorful ingredient in many products like beverages, Ice creams, Jams, fillers to cake, yogurt, etc. Both flavour and colour, makes juice an essential product without which most of the recipes remain undone. Better Juice was founded in 2018 by a team of food industry professionals with extensive experience in product development. It is headquartered in Rehovot, Israel.

Better Juice gives every consumer the essence of taste while also keeping the nutrition intact. As supported by a survey, 20% sugar intake of a consumer's daily consumption is through beverages. Juice is a healthy way to kick start a consumer's day but the active lifestyle today demands less sugar intake. Popular juices such as orange and apple juice have 6 teaspoons(25 grams) of sugar per 1-cup serving(250 ml).Grape juice has up to 12 teaspoons. Better Juice provides consumers what they are looking for simple ways to reduce sugar in their diets. The Better Juice solution lets industrial juice producers lower sugar in one simple step. Better Juice reduces all types of sugar in juice sucrose, glucose and fructose. The product processes all types of fruit juice, regardless of sugar composition.

Food tech has emerged as one of the fastest growing sectors across the world over the past few years. The global market is continuously engaged in innovative solutions to make food products healthier and tastier. While the market opportunity in the food tech is huge, it can't possibly be described in numbers. Food tech globally as it is a crucial solution for humanity to keep on living
companies like Better Juice are revolutionizing the market with new ingredient and new solution that will open new opportunities. Today the juice market is $100B, supporting the numbers, Better Juice market can be very high.

Treating all Types Of Sugars & Fruits
Better Juice was started with a mission to make Juice a healthier beverage option with reduced sugar intake for the consumer. At Better Juice, all types of sugars and all types of fruits are treated. The company does not reduce the dry solids of the juice (the Brix) and the sweetness reduction is not linear to the sugar reduction levels. Better Juice's solution uses natural enzymes in non-GMO microorganisms to convert sugars in juice to non digestible compounds, such as dietary fibres. The Better Juice continuous flow reactor contains immobilized non-GMO microorganisms. The enzymes within the microorganisms bio convert juice sugars to healthy dietary fibres and non digestible sugars. This natural fermentation free process occurs without adding or removing ingredients and without affecting juice smell or taste, except for reducing the sweetness. And manufacturers can tailor their processes to select the amount of sugar they would like to remove.

Better Juice Is All Set To Capture The Market With Technological Innovation For Juice

Capturing The Market Globally
Better Juice will further adjust the installation to the manufacturer needs. The bioreactor design, capacity and required resources will be designed to fit the customers'requirements. The company raised $8M at the seed investment. The company collaborates with GEA, the global equipment producer.

They are the best in the world for process equipment. It is moving forward with the regulation, hoping to receive GRAS in US, and Novel food in EU at year 2022. It has won the most innovative technology at the HI Europe 2018.

Scaling up the production capacity, Better Juice has started selling globally and the further roadmap is targeted towards more sales in the coming years.