Separator Redefining Innovation in the Online Retail Sector

Ayush Trivedi, Managing Director

Ayush Trivedi

Managing Director is the online shopping destination for every Indian who values 100 percent genuine brands, unbeatable prices and new shopping ideas that don’t require her to search through endless pages of products. The company is proud to bring Indians new shopping ideas on 100 percent genuine brands and it has been credited as the first Indian online shopping store to bring many revolutionary products on an Indian e-Commerce platform. With a name that mirrors its steaming hot daily deals (Bhaap means ‘steam’ in Hindi), the Bangalore-headquartered venture provides a curated catalogue of new shopping ideas and deals on multiple categories which last for maximum of 72 hours.

Founded in 2013 by a group of talented entrepreneurs as an online retailer with a very targeted and focused model, has been consistently working towards alleviating the innovation inertia in the retail sector through its objective of helping people, especially the middle class, unearth new shopping ideas on which to spend their money.

Backed by rigorous vendor selection and quality control programs, the company offers an uncluttered user experience that lets you easily browse especially selected categories of branded, genuine and quality products at sensational prices with discounts up to 90 percent. In addition to 100 percent authentic brands, its products also come with a full manufacturer warranty.

Bhaap offers an uncluttered user experience that lets you easily browse especially selected categories of branded, genuine and quality products at sensational prices

Unlike most e-Commerce sites, Bhaap’s customers receive exactly what they see on the site. And, if you find the same product advertised cheaper elsewhere, you get that deal for free!By offering an enjoyable and personable online shopping experience, the company helps customers appreciate that they are dealing with real and trustworthy people, not computers.

The Success factors

“The journey has been incredible and the love and trust that our customers have shown us is a testament to the fact that we’re stillin demand and growing three
years after launching,” says Ayush Trivedi, Co-Founder & MD, What started as an internship project is today striding towards being one of India’s favorite online shopping destinations.

“The biggest challenge and also our most significant success factor has been acquiring the right talent. We liken this process to finding a needle in a haystack, because we’re looking for a very special type of talent in our team members,” adds Ayush. With a progressive work environment, hand-picks team members based on not only their skills and attitude, but also assess their willingness to take risks and experiment, ability to build trust andlearn from their mistakes. This value set empowers them to grow personally and professionally, whilst helping the company soar higher. At Bhaap, ideas, not titles, are appreciatedand this approach has helped the company grow well beyond the sum of its parts.

The Future

The bootstrapped company is in talks with investors for funding for customer acquisition and investment in new technologies to enhance the customer experience. It is focused on building strong partnershipswith regionalmid-sized offline businesses, where Bhaap will leverage its focused approach to help them showcase their products pan-India and grow their online presence.The company is also executingplans to expand its international operations under the Shopocrat brand and is aggressively pursuing the international opportunity.