BhuYantra Waste Management: Empowering Sustainable Recycling to Eliminate Landfills

Abhishek Raj,   CEO
Abhishek Raj, CEO

Business does not only mean acquiring capital. It also means to add value to society as a whole. Especially in the waste management sector, the value rendered to customers counts to the highest degree. Despite the complex structure of the country, it cannot be denied that the central government and numerous NGOs are doing a commendable job in order to keep the country neat and clean. The same way, Bhuyantra Waste Management,a recycling equipment manufacturing startup from the state of Karnataka is developing and producing effective and ecofriendly systems to process waste at source.

“By providing customized solutions for every kind of customer, we are empowering everyone to take this matter into their own hands. Bhuyantra is currently reaching out to hundreds of people daily and making them aware about the simple concept of smell-free wet waste handling at source itself. We have also come up with several dry waste solutions like plastic waste shredder, medical waste shredder,
card board waste shredder and e-waste shredder that follow our main philosophy of energy efficient solutions”, says Abhishek Raj, CEO, BhuYantra.

Overcoming the Obstacles
In a broad sense, the challenge for any company in the cleantech sector is dealing with customer misconception about waste management. Some of the other challenges that come in the way of cleantech startups are segregation, affordability and scalability. BhuYantra is tackling the first issue by educating people about the importance of segre - gation/separation of wet waste and dry waste. It is a small step, but it makes the next few steps of waste management much easier. The second issue is the volume of waste coming in and its effective logistic channels. A solution is only effective when it serves both purposes. Although this sounds very challenging at first, the answer is very simple decentralised solutions.

A typical household of four people generates 500-600 grams of wet waste daily. Our typical society is categorised into individual homes, small to medium apartments, large housing societies and industrial canteens. After close study of the waste generation pattern of these places, four solutions were designed and created to manage waste at source itself while consuming the least energy. “HomeBin (2kg waste per day, no electricity), Compost Hut Mini (handles up to 25kg waste per day)
and CompostHut (can handle 100kg to 5 tons waste per day). These solutions are based on aerobic decomposition and thus have no smell whatsoever and don’t require any skilled manpower”, states Abhishek.

BhuYantra has also created an innovative small-sized, economical shredding machine that has been named Katran. It has also developed different kinds of shredders for each and every waste category specifically designed to suit the recycling centre requirements.

BhuYantra has experienced almost 250 percent growth YOY which is more than anticipated. The company has installations all over India and in all possible customer segments. All the products have been big hits and sales are increasing significantly every quarter. So far, BhuYantra solutions prevent about 327,000 kg of organic waste per year from reaching landfills and causing stench, disease and pollution. It plans to increase this figure ten-fold by next year. Abhishek concludes, “As manufacturers, we also need to find a way to provide customized solutions for every customer and to suit every budget. That and our agile and dynamic team are our biggest strengths. There is a lot of work to be done to make our country waste free and the future is a bright one for sustainable environmental technology.”