Bid Detail: One-Stop Shop for Government Tenders & Federal Opportunities Globally

Dr. Manoj Verma,Co-Promoter & Director

Dr. Manoj Verma

Co-Promoter & Director

According to research, the global procurement as a service market was worth $5.94 billion in 2021 and is forecasted to increase to a whopping $13.58 billion by 2030, registering a CAGR of 10.4 percent during 2022-2030. The overall public procurement represents nearly 15-20 percent of GDP. Governments have a great incentive to maximize every penny of their budgets. The World Bank recognizes the potential public procurement has in assisting governments globally in meeting their development objectives. However, there remains a gap in publicly accessible country procurement information available on a user-friendly platform.

Bizway Solutions Private Limited, well-known as Bid Detail, sensed these intricacies long ago and started its journey in Mumbai in 2016. The brainchild of Dr. Manoj Verma (Co-Promoter & Director) was born to bridge the gap between the tendering authority and the bidding companies and help companies identify relevant opportunities. “Global government public procurement expenditure runs for over 100 trillion dollars annually yet is affected by rampant corruption and not leveraging the world to achieve the forecasted and estimated sustainable growth for public causes. We take up this challenge and create a mammoth platform to bring back harmonization of public procurement first, leading to a one-stop shop for global procurement,” adds Dr. Manoj.

The ‘X’ Factor
Bid Detail is envisioned as a universal platform that will provide daily access to all
global tenders invited in the public domain for all industry or procurement segments worldwide The portal covers Contract Award Notices and Project Notices & Procurement News. It also offers innovative ‘Bidding Consultancy and Facilitation Services’ with assistance from ‘Country Associates’ locally present in project countries for prebid, bidding, and post bid activities. Additionally, Bid Detail is a search engine for global tenders, mostly for public or government procurement. It is the most comprehensive global tender search database dynamically updated every minute with a user-friendly search engine. Bid Detail is also one of the largest repositories of worldwide Tenders Information, General Notices, RFP, RFQ, Pre-Qualifications, Procurement News, Projects Information, Contract Awards and more covering both self-funded and funded tenders, including MFA’s, Government, Ministry, Local Bodies, PSU, Ports, Educational Trusts, Schools, County, Hospitals, and others. 45,000+ daily global tenders and 400,000+ active tenders every month through the access of 35,000+ websites, local associates, newspapers, and more. “Our ongoing objective is to increase business opportunities, high ease of-access, and one-stop-shop value to all our customers. We continuously identify and partner with local associates, tendering authorities, and multilateral funding agencies. We also offer daily email alerts, unlimited web access, and more,” he adds.

Bid Detail is envisioned as a universal platform that will provide daily access to all global tenders invited in the public domain for all industry or procurement segments world wide

Solving Client’s Crunches
Visibility of global tender information, deploying multiple resources to identify tender information from various locations or regions, collating them & presenting them to management causes a delay in bid submission, and a costly affair becomes the top crunches of every client. Bid Detail plays a crucial role, acting as a one-stop solution for global tender information, which is cost-effective and time saving. Clients pay attention to short listing relevant bids, timely submission and creating multiple business opportunities or revenue through its efficient search engine of global business information. All the clients’ pain points are addressed by Bid Detail's most rational, innovative, and exclusive bidding consultancy and facilitation services. The company has worked only in global government procurement and is planning to take up this journey to the global procurement arena shortly. Bid Detail also intends to launch its first regional market-focused platform in the American region soon. With several other bigger plans, the company is looking forward to opening country specific local tender portals in local languages.