Big Laundry: Experiential Laundry Services Right at Your Doorsteps!

Kumaraguru Seshadri,DirectorOften a disruptive idea that comes first in the mind of an entrepreneur is a result of their experience of working in a similar industry or a strong interest towards the specific space. This exactly replicates the story of Kumaraguru Seshadri, a professional working in the eCommerce segment. While leading Home needs online, a company that dealt with selling large & small domestic appliances, Seshadri delivered services to nine cities across the country on the same day. Driven by the thought to start entrepreneurship stints, he saw the underlying opportunity in his sister’s laundry business and decided to transform it from an unconventional brick-and-mortar store to an eBusiness model.“During my tenure in Home needs Online I came under the effect of the advancement taking strides in online market. Identifying this, I prompted my sister to shape her existing business model attuned withthe latest technological implications. Therefore, after a brief conversation, she agreed and I joined in the resources of tech & logistics. Thus, Big Laundry was formed to address the daily laundry service needs along with scaling the business to newer heights,” speaks Kumaraguru Seshadri, Director, Big Laundry.

An initiative of the Butterfly Group, Big Laundry has conceptualized its platform with the essence to bring laundry services right at the doorsteps with just a click of a button. The company strives to give the customers a hassle-free never before laundry experience at the comfort of home. Backed by the decades of expertise in home appliances sector, Big Laundry at present with a team of 40+ office people and 80+ factory people receives 300+ calls for service needs on a daily basis and is recognized as a prominent household name.
“The life of the working professionals or bachelors revolves around the busy & stressful week schedules and ends up with lazy weekends. And amidst all comes in the problem of doing laundry, which is not only time consuming but boring also. Moreover, the factors of maids, hygiene & security and high cost are added to it. We at Big Laundry understand their difficulties of getting efficient, economical & quality washing and assure to deliver services, making it a worth while experience,” avers Seshadri.

Chennai headquartered Big Laundry promises to benefit the customers with convenience and savings in terms of time & money i.e., beyond comparison

Excellent Service Offerings &First-of-its-kind Spa-Care Treatment
Driven by the motto ‘Innovate, Experiment & Execute’, the company tries to anticipate the challenges the households are likely to face and constantly endeavours to accomplish the situations by easing the customer's pain points. Positioning itself as a daily laundry service provider that accepts all types of garments, it offers solutions for taking away the everyday nuisances and conveys back in time - yielding happiness. The target audience of Big Laundry includes people who are in short of time to launder the garments themselves, the working-class professionals and the rest who value time, convenience & quality.

Big Laundry offers the finest dry-cleaning services in a subscription model. Following an approach derived from a well- thought process, they render daily laundry services at a cost which is not far away from the customer spending at home. The level of micro-management taken into consideration ensures the highest level of hassle-free laundry services. Kumaraguru mentions, “We do not circumvent but we do circumspect to overcome the service related complexities. Thinking out of the box has led us to believe that most of the problems can be fixed in a satisfactory manner.”
Harnessing technology to give the clothes the best in washing & ironing with a proper steam that is safe on fabrics and entitles maximum protection, Big Laundry recently has started first-of-its-kind spa-care treatment to the garment that involves a unique steam infusion process. Currently, the company is massively operating in Chennai and has begun their launch in Bangalore followed by Cochin.

Water Recycling Process – Conserving the Society
Chennai headquartered Big Laundry promises to benefit the customers with convenience and savings in terms of time & money i.e., beyond comparison. Counting customer delight as the paramount, the company leverages pick-up, wash, iron & home-delivery of the garments in a seamless manner. Imbibed with the strategy focused towards customers & bottom-line, Big Laundry has been able to grow in double digits on monthly basis. Having spread its business wings to nearby cities, the company expects to operate in five large cities by December 2018. “With trying to capitalize or service this humongous laundry/dry cleaning industry, we are extremely eco-friendly towards conserving water. We are executing strong water recycling system and firmly believe that this will be a greater way to give back to the society,” concludes Seshadri on a positive note.

Key Management:
Kumaraguru Seshadri, Director, Big Laundry :
A commerce graduate from the Madras University and a versatile personality with over 12 years of experience in sales & marketing, Kumaraguru has more than three years of hands-on entrepreneurial experience in setting up a business across India, Europe& middle-east countries. He currently heads the Big Laundry, an initiative of the Butterfly Group as the director and aims to fulfill the daily laundry needs of the customers through an innovative approach.

Service Offerings :
• Efficient, Economical & Quality washing
• On-Time Delivery
• Harnessing Latest Technological Implications
• Hassle Free Services
• Subscription based model