Big Tree Resource Management: Helping Organization to Create Engaging, Productive and Profitable Workplace

Karam Bharadwaj,FounderImproving your workforce is a never-ending goal for nearly all businesses. As companies spectated a complete shift in the way they function, so did their workforce. Therefore, managing your human resource needs strategic involvement just like you do for your business decisions. Big Tree Resource Management, headquartered in Gurgaon, is one of India's top HR Staffing company with comprehensive services like staffing solutions, recruitment solutions, executive search, payroll management, compliance management, etc. Big Tree Resource is an HR Solutions Provider that covers the entire lifecycle of an employee in the organisation. The company's innovative solutions deliver measurable value through increased process efficiency, thus helping businesses make faster and better decisions.

"Big Tree Resource Management is a Tech based Start Up, which is into Work Force Management, operating PAN India. We came into existence in the year 2019 to help thousands get a job and earn their livelihood. We firmly believe that technology should play a pivotal role in helping people earn their livelihood and on the other hand, help companies get the much-needed Human Resource support both in quantitative and qualitative terms", explained Karam Bharadwaj, Founder, Big Tree Resource Management.

Vast HR and Recruitment Service Portfolio
Big Tree Resource offers a wide range of
services to companies both in IT and general staffing. The company provides hiring support, managed service, payroll support, and compliance support. Apart from these, Big Tree has engaged its developed products like fipple (short video interview app) and big genie (recruitment dashboard interface) while hiring their clients to give them a whole new different feel when it comes to staffing.

The company currently serves 50+ clients, with its offices in Gurgaon, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Mumbai. And, will soon be opening their offices in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Kolkata, Chandigarh. "We started with general staffing first and subsequently entered into the IT staffing Industry in 2021. Apart from the already mentioned offerings, to enhance the user experience, we also have ATS, Attendance Mapping, Face Recognition Products", added Karam.

Furthermore, Big Tree Resource's growth has been steady but challenging. In the initial days, the co-founder left the company, but with the team's commitment and hard work, the company's growth and revenue were not hampered. "We have increased our revenue 4x and our turnover has increased by 400 percent. Although Covid had affected our business in 2020, but with the right business strategy and focusing in specific industries, our business has grown manifolds after the lockdown was lifted in 2020.

Big Tree Resource is working on developing a Gig Platform that will enable them to tap a large base of customers

Companies were much better prepared during the 2nd wave and in 2020, when the lockdown was announced and we were there to help them in their work force", said Karam. In addition, the company's client base has significantly increased because Big Tree Resource primarily focused on those industries, which were not affected by the impact of Covid, like ecommerce, logistics, pharma, EdTech, manufacturing, and IT/ITES.

Big Tree Resource is a young, vibrant, energetic startup in the world of people management. The company's projections and plans are optimistic for both general staffing and newly built IT Staffing. Along with this, the company aims to be a 200 Cr company. Managing the entire workforce and ensuring the productivity of the workforce will be the key to change. The company is a bootstrapped startup but would certainly look for any funding to speed its growth in the new financial year. Also, Big Tree Resource is working on a Gig Platform and developing it. This will enable them to tap a large base of customers.