Bigformula Solutions: Revolutionizing The Legal Industry with Innovative Technological Solutions

  Anu Arun,   CEORecently, India's tech firms have begun to shift inward, focusing on the enormous economic prospects associated with the country's big consumer market. With numerous firms going public and receiving record amounts of money, 2021 has seen a break through for India's tech startups. One such tech startup is BIGFORMULA Solutions which specializes in law and justice technology solutions created using cutting-edge technologies like Blockchain and artificial intelligence.

BIGFORMULA, a three-year-old startup that began by developing small and medium-sized employee performance management solutions. That experience enabled them to comprehend the complexities of handling paper-based operations, particularly in the legal industry. The goal was to build a digital ecosystem that allows the legal and judicial industries to operate in the most efficient, effective, and timely manner possible without sacrificing customer service quality. They seek to make justice available to everyone, outside of the confines of a lawyer's office or even the courtroom.

“We develop tailor-made software solutions that unlock the full potential of organizations. We help companies strengthen relationships in this tech-driven world. We study, analyse, design, develop, engineer, test and incorporate client feedbacks all along the way”, shares Anu Arun, CEO, BIGFORMULA Solutions.

Keeping up with advancements in technology
Companies and organizations work hard to keep up with the pace as the world quickly transitions to a future of cutting-edge technology. BIGFORMULA is confident that their distinct background and range of abilities will be crucial to this change. They essentially provide organizations with the
best that cutting-edge technology has to offer. While tailor-made solutions are their specialty, they like to provide clients with comprehensive solutions that enable them to transform themselves in line with the requirements of the digital era while also complying with industry norms. From consulting on their IT needs and developing user interfaces to facilitating enhanced experiences through web and mobile applications and digital marketing. BIGFORMULA has everything it takes to support its clients with the digital endeavour that will play a significant role in their success story.

BIGFORMULA has everything it takes to support its clients with the digital endeavour that will play a significant role in their success story

Their unique selling proposition is that they are knowledgeable about the legal and judicial sectors, the technological advancements that benefit humanity and the subtleties involved in fusing the two for a comprehensive transformation. In the past, technological knowledge and their clients first approach allowed them to break through the ice, work with their clients' existing processes, and successfully bring about change. They expertly lead firms through processes that would otherwise be difficult and confusing with their unique insights into the complex procedures required for technological upgrades.

“We understand that the legal industry, especially that of common law jurisdictions like India, is still rooted deep within traditional ways of operations and that changing minds can at times be more difficult than changing systems”, shares Tharun Babu, Director, BIGFORMULA Solutions.

BIGFORMULA's growth trajectory has advanced far faster than it would have anticipated a few years ago, particularly during the start of the pandemic. For better or worse, the pandemic exposed the legal system's flaws, and they had the appropriate solutions when needed. Their adventure has taken an amazing turn in the previous few years. They have lately hired a lot more workers, taken on more clients, and have recently enlarged their offices.

For the past three years, they have concentrated on providing services; however, over the next few years, they plan to create products employing cutting-edge technological advancements like block chain and Artificial Intelligence BIGFORMULA prefers to be innovators rather than imitators. Their team is pushing forward with all its might to create new solutions that will aid the legal and judicial sectors in changing how they conduct business.