Bigship: Innovating e-Commerce Shipments through Automated Logistics

Swati Mittal,   CEOTechnology has witnessed massive transformations in the last two decades. With increasing penetration of the internet, consumers are now expecting smarter and better services and solutions that provide seamless and hassle-free experience for all stakeholders. Logistics is one such sector that was unorganized and operating on vintage as well as outdated technology until last 5 years. But slowly organizations are coming up within the logistics space that are harnessing the power of technology in a bid to provide a simpler and easier experience for all the stake holders. Over the years logistics has witness huge growth and now the India logistics automation market is valued at INR 67.33 billion in 2021. It is expected to reach INR 145.10 Bn by the end of 2027, expanding at a CAGR of 13.28 percent during the 2022-26 period.

Based out in Delhi (and now expanded to five states across India within a span of two years), Big Ship is a logistics startup focused on moving the needle towards providing seamless logistics experience through the use of AI and automation. The firm is on a mission to provide best-in-class shipping experience(for B2B, B2C and D2C sellers).

Having worked across e-Commerce platforms and understanding how money can quickly and silently slip away with unmanaged logistics, CEO Swati laid the foundation for Bigship.The brand was incorporated with the commitment of good

customer service and bringing chosen carriers across India to one platform. Using a SAAS based platform, Big Ship has managed to achieve one of the smallest TAT, realtime tracking, and industry best rates along with custom made plans for heavy shipments.

Revolutionizing Logistics Market in India
With aspirations to expand to international markets with multilingual app launch, BigShip intends to simplify logistics and make it human friendly across nations. The firm serves from e-Commerce small packets to multi box shipments(PTL and FTL) across India and cross border, hence moving shipments worth crores within a day. With the intent to improve operational efficiencies, Bigship is using Internet of Things (IoT), data analysis, and automation which is making the supply chain transparent and efficient.

Talking about the current logistics market in India and the future it holds, CEO Swati Mittal mentions,

"From the market trend where logistics automation was popular among e-Commerce and marketplace players, there is now an extension to manufacturers who are keen on implementing logistics automation in their systems to be able to keep up with technological advancements and innovations. It is being adopted across industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, oil and gas, chemicals, e-Commerce, and fast-moving consumer goods. Understanding how organized industry helps in keeping the business at par and reduces end-to-end failures and delays making the system more agile, Bigship is providing logistics solutions custom made for a client's load and product type".

In a very short tenure, Bigship has managed to become India's finest aggregator and a pioneer in B2B shipments across the Indian aggregation industry. Having the first comer advantage, the firm has been able to understand and cater the complex B2B market and finding solutions equivalent to B2C shipments easy and self do able.

Bigship began with the idea of e-Commerce shipments, and their service oriented approach has helped them make a name for themselves in such a small span. Innovationled tech features like real time tracking, online order booking & fulfillments, calculating rates, data management, and bulk order processing, has made it possible for Big Ship to build a repertoire of over 10,000+ delighted clients.

Talking about future plans, Swati concludes, "Big Ship is on the path of launching worldwide services, which comprises cross border services and franchise network. We are setting our sights on improvised shipping services, increasing operations, business revenue, number of sellers, and quality of services across the globe".