Biocipher Technologies: Initiative towards Better Life Experience

Digital Marketing has turned as the primary focus of enterprises. Marketing being such a vital industry has followed direct mailing, brochures, web development, and others for a long time. The ingenious human brains while getting innovative each day are coming up with unconventional ideas that could make branding & promotions more effective. The service providers in the space are leveraging powerful innovations such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to eliminate the inefficiencies and knowledge gaps in the sector. Among the profuse of such startups, Biocipher Technologies led by Pawan Kumar Kaushal and Nidhi Sharma is well-versed with the latest technologies and optimized development methodologies to ensure the most scalable, secure, optimal and robust software solutions for drive client's business and ensure improved lifestyle.

Having his background in the tech domain, Pawan worked with several brands such as the Ministry of IT and BhartiAirtel. He was also exposed to various appellations from junior to senior management level. With the varied expertise and knowledge, he was an innovator, influencer and tech evangelist, who aspired to come out of the comfort zone and venture a company that is completely tech-driven. With the strong support of Nidhi Sharma and his family members, he established Biocipher Technologies in the year 2017.

While several startups are focusing on digital marketing, Biocipher has marked its niche in not just marketing but also in the fin-tech and healthcare sectors. The company offers services in three major verticals that are digital science, economic science, and healthcare & wellness. Since the start, the company has focussed on building innovative products that not only help businesses but also enhance an individual's life.

Standing ahead in the market, it has launched products based on digital science that adds value to the enterprises. The services catering to this vertical are completely focussed on customer outreach, digital marketing, branding, and promotions. It has built a bulk messaging solution for all promotional and transactional business communications called QNTILE, which is an appropriate and nonpareil messaging
platform that helps to communicate to people through various sources. It has launched an AI-Based multilingual content creation tool for all sorts of visual & textual content called Tweebr-where anyone can easily create Digital Content (Visual/Textual) in regional languages to serve Indian & Arabic internet user base.

"Our email marketing service helps to achieve marketing goals with scalable, personalized email automation. The service comes with features that assist to design high-performance email campaigns," saysPawan.

It has also introduced an easy Chat Process for smart business promotion and instant customer service for existing and potential customers. "Our instant WhatsApp communication helps to respond swiftly to all queries of your loyal customers in no time. It ensures minimal human intervention which reduces manpower investment," he exclaims.

Pawan Kumar Kaushal, Founder,Nidhi Sharma, Co-Founder

Serving the fin-tech vertical, it has launched Swipeler a Near Field Communication (NFC) technology-based payment application, which aims to provide an efficient, hassle-free, systematic and cost-effective transaction for all financial and non-financial requirements. The healthcare domain of the business has brought a solution called Biople that brings about quality living and help people to manage their life better in terms of medication and diagnostics as well.

Biocipher has marked its niche in not just marketing but also in fin-tech and healthcare sector

All the range of products catered by the company assists brands in Business Promotional Campaigns, Informational Campaigns, Transactional Messages, Two way Messages, Political Campaigns, Business Promotional Mailers, Customer Care Response, and many others.

"We have witnessed a steady growth since the inception. We are profitable and cash positive. Scaling up to heights, we would like to expand our presence in Singapore, Dubai, and the US in the upcoming fiscal year. We are also planning to launch several other products that would help people lead a better life," concludes Nidhi.