Biomac Life Sciences: Therapeutic Cancer Solutions with Cell-based Innovative Approach

 Dr. Senthilkumar,    FounderThe COVID pandemic has brought along a major breakthrough for the Life sciences industry. The approach is data driven and due to tech-added innovations, it has become possible to mark an impact on various life threatening diseases like cancer. Biomac Life Sciences is all set to cast a difference in the field with innovative therapeutic solutions. Biomac was established in 2017 at Gandhinagar to extend its research-based therapeutic solutions that can impact cancer patients. "At Biomac, we are passionate about the intrinsic biology of living cells, particularly immune cells. We have worked with immune cells extensively and discovered new cells and named them 'Nurse Macrophages'. We have studied the immune cell interaction with other cells and viruses. We felt that we could do something about the patients suffering from certain incurable diseases using our expertise and knowledge of immune cells. We are committed to bringing cell-based new technologies to cure certain diseases like cancers after recurrence, or life threatening genetic disorders where there is no cure currently. We strongly believe that we could bring cure for these patients. This is the sole purpose of Biomac's existence", says Dr. Senthilkumar, the Founder.

Treating Cancer with An Autologous Approach
Life sciences companies face distinct challenges with their very visible role in drug pricing and access to medicines, and the pandemic only underscored this focus. A new bar has been set and companies are now willing to move beyond convention to solve the toughest challenges and stand to reap the biggest benefits. India is a poised player in the said growth as the industry is in full swing, gaining a stabilized momentum towards growth. As more and more participants emerge in the sector, a major impact can be cast on achieving results that were impossible to achieve earlier. Being a lucrative sector for investments, the stakeholders are ready to take advantage of the many opportunities the pandemic has surfaced and accelerated in the Life sciences sector. In the year ahead, forward looking companies will adopt a think digital to be digital mindset and consider how these technologies can augment human capabilities and update the execution of processes.

The global Cancer Biological Therapy market has significantly grown over the recent past and is expected to register rapid growth over the forecast period of 2021 to 2028. The growth is completely owed to innovations in technology, increasing healthcare spending, and improving healthcare facilities and systems. The therapeutic process offered by Biomac is a form of advanced treatment that introduces living cells inside a cancer patient's body and helps fight cancer cells. "We can remove the immune cells from the suppressed environment induced by the cancer cells inside the cancer patient and educate them to fight the cancer cells in the laboratory. When we inject educated immune cells, they are more capable of fighting and killing cancer cells. This approach is a very personalized and autologous approach where a particular patient's cells are educated in the laboratory and given back to the same patient", says Dr. Senthilkumar.

Awaiting Clinical Trial Run
Biomac is looking forward to a clinical trial of the advanced procedure that it plans to introduce, which is expected to be completed by 2025. The advanced process can bring about a bigger impact on the quality of life of cancer patients and the industry can witness a new possibility. The company is specifically targeting cancer at this point in time and remains to stay focused on the same. Biomac is also planning to develop allogenic off the shelf products for treating cancers in future. It is open to clinical collaborations to take the approach forward. The expansion plans are to move to Chennai in the next phase, as it is a lucrative market for biolife sciences.