Biopapro: A One-Stop-Shop Offering Sustainable Alternative Over Single Use Plastic

Yash Chandan & Nikunj Bhansali,    FoundersPlastic cutlery is everywhere and most of it can be used only once. Billions of forks, knives, and spoons are thrown away each year. Unlike other plastic items such as bags and bottles cutlery can take centuries to break down naturally, giving the plastic waste ample time to work its way into the environment. To top it all, plastic cutleries are a cheaper go to resort over other sustainable options and hence sometimes, the most obvious choice. Around 700 species are put in danger of extinction with an average of 6 million tons of non-durable plastic dumped into the sea! In short we are killing the ocean, one plastic cutlery at a time. On being made aware of the eye-popping stats, none of us need plastic cutlery delivered or be any where around us, however, plastic comes up anyway, by default by way of an unconscious and wasteful habit.

Against this background, the founders at Biopapro, Yash Chandan & Nikunj Bhansali, witnessed an ever rising demand in the untapped market of plastic alternatives coupled with a dearth of supply and a subsequent ban on the sale and use of plastic in major states of India. There was no denying that they very evidently saw the vitality of a startup that was environmentally cognizant and was convinced to make a difference that can shift the trajectory of
collective impact. Carrying forward the same intent, BIOPAPRO was founded in 2019 in a B2B model, to provide for a one stop solution for manufacturing of wooden cutlery, sugarcane based tableware, and paper straws that will put an end to the use of plastic in our day-to-day meals.

Working in a B2B model, Biopapro produces enough to sustain its growth and provide to the whole salers

Having conceptualized Biopapro consisting of a 3 people team in March 2019, it straight up dived into paper straws which we proudly call the “Biosips”. The business blew up exponentially and the founders just knew they had to expand and become full time manufacturers. Biopapro is currently staying focused on the export market and has its offices in Europe (Germany). “There is a huge scope for expansion in the market in India and abroad. The European Union is going for a Pan Ban over the use of single use plastic and the other nations like the US are planning to cut down on consumption too. These are enough signs that prove big opportunities are coming our way and we are all set to clamp on it”, says Nikunj.

Thriving with Innovation
Biopapro, with the strategic expertise of Kushal Bhansali, one of the partners of Biopapro, has established its third manufacturing plant, overwhelmed by the response that it received. Working in a B2B model, Biopapro produces enough to sustain its growth and provide to the wholesalers. It is catering to all industry kinds hospitals, catering businesses, schools, airlines, etc. The quality of the products is the main USP at Biopapro. It manufactures high-quality paper straws that can withstand longer durations.

Aspiring to Set New Benchmarks
Nikunj says, “Today, we have a team of over 275 workers, with over 78% of them being women and are currently catering to international market standards with a daily production capacity of 2.2 million cutleries. Nothing makes me happier than putting India on the global map for sustainable cutleries and a good day is nothing short of how empowered I feel with the woman dominance at the factory.” Adding to the pride, it claims to have never lost a customer in the business course, keeping them happy with the products and services offered. Investing more into marketing and targeting more production, Biopapro aspires to be number one in the entire industry.