Blaze Automation: Your Affordable Home Automation Partner

Arjun Valluri,Chairman & Managing Director

Arjun Valluri

Chairman & Managing Director

From setting custom lighting scenes to enhancing home security systems, homeowners are slowly upgrading their abodes and moving towards home automation smart systems. Incidentally, automation systems are on a rise in the country and it is estimated that India's Home Automation Market will cross the figure of INR 30,000 Cr by 2022. Tapping on this opportunity, many startups are coming forward and providing us with a new way of living through their smart solutions. One such company which is particularly making a break through in this market is Hyderabad based Blaze Automation. An AI based IoT analytics platform, Blaze Automation is an OEM of Home Automation gateway that is focused on making your lives more efficient and secure. "We have launched our own IoT platform B.One for home automation market in India. At Blaze Automation, we analyse the user behaviour and adapt our systems to cater to the basic requirements based on their instinctive needs and actions through the power of our proprietary AI platform,"says Arjun Valluri, Chairman and Managing Director, Blaze Automation.

Having been building home automation and security products for the last eight years, Blaze Automation is focused on bringing affordability to the automation sector and
offers a diversified range of products from smart sensors, sirens, motion sensors, and flood detectors to dimmers, motor controller AC, and smart outlets. The company enables the user to manage and monitor their homes from anywhere in the world. With home security being one of the key features, it also provides the ability to deliver thermal comfort to customers. Recently, the venture has also added 'WattsUP' energy meter in their portfolio that helps them deliver significant savings to its users by effectively budgeting, using, managing and optimizing their energy needs. The company is also coming up with an experience centre for its potential customers to give them the touch and feel of the product.

An AI based IoT analytics platform, Blaze Automation is an OEM of Home Automation gateway that is focused on making your lives more efficient and secure

Though home automation companies are seeing wide spread adoption, there are still several problems that prevail in this sector. Affordability being the major barrier accompanied by rapidly changing technology and multiple protocol standards evolving constantly, Blaze Automation also had to face a lot of hurdles while crafting its success story. But through continuous investments in R&D sector, the company was able to overcome them and emerge as one of the most successful home automation startups in the market.

Furthermore, the firm's ability to bring down the pricing and the adoption of technology to benefit the requirement of the customers is what makes it shine in the crowd and capture a large portion of the market. One of the few IoT based Home Automation companies that have a global footprint, Blaze Automation offers one of the most advanced gateways in the world and currently sells its solution in Japan, Australia, NZ, HK, Malaysia, Macau, India, USA and Europe. The company's B.One interface is available on both iOS and Android devices and it is looking to expand its geographical presence in other global markets as well. Adding an average of 1000 new customers per week and expecting to take this number to 2000 per week, the company is planning significant expansions into EMEA and South America in the next 12 months. "Being a pioneer in smart home products that makes people feel more connected, our focus is on building adaptive spaces that cater to the requirement of the users," he concludes.