Blazonion: Powerhouse for Restaurants and F&B Brands

Darshil Shah,Founder & Chief Strategist

Darshil Shah

Founder & Chief Strategist

The F&B market is ironically thriving and the competition in the segment is much more to-day than ever before. With this growth in the industry, India is evolving as one of the most attractive destinations for investments that is leading to increase in the density of restaurants & startups. However, the downfall rate is also significantly high. While very few restaurants are being able to survive many fail due to lack of visibility & reach to the customers. At this point, sustaining among so many competitors is a need of the hour. It's is important to seize the attention of consumers by portraying the brand's best part and reaching a wider set audience. Identifying this branding demand among restaurants, Blazonion emerged as a first of its kind Restaurant Marketing Solution Provider.

The Start Story
Under the leadership of Darshil Shah who pursued a Bachelor's degree in Management and Business from Lala Lajpatrai College-Mumbai, Blazonion is designed to transform the constantly growing and ever-competent market of restaurants. It is said that 8 out of 10 restaurants shut down during the first three operational years. To test that out, he did market survey with a small sample size of 100 restaurants. Gathering the key insight made him realize the key reason for a restaurants' success - customer acquisition and retention. Darshil's personal interest and passion for digital marketing and design
made him indulge in a few free-lance projects with a small team during his college days. This gavethem a good experience of how can they solve the problem of customer acquisition and retention for restaurants and bring real-world impact through digital means.

Slowly, he formed a small team and began the journey of Blazonion with an organized office setup. Since then, there has been no looking back. Today, the company has grown to become an integral part of many successful F&B brands and restaurants.

What's Best about Blazonion
"It's always easy to market what we love! That's why we could follow up on the trends and the problems in the food industry and come up with a solution to propagate our brands, making them reach newer heights," remarks Darshil Shah, Founder & Chief Strategist.

Blazonion has successfully executed over 100 projects and currently involved in 30 active projects

The restaurant-specific marketing agency, with a deeper understanding and wide knowledge of the segment, assists clients with strategies and business decisions too. "We don't just sell digital marketing services, but also empower the brands with business strategy which changes their operation model helping them to gain more business, "he informs.

On the whole, the company revolves around four core strengths viz. brand strategy, design, content marketing, and production. Embracing new technological innovations, it covers up every technique including video marketing that is making it a unique brand with an in-house production team. "We have launched a sister company, White Plate Stories in partnership with Saipoornima Madiwal. WPS focuses on portraying brand stories through visual storytelling such as photography & videography turning our production portfolio much stronger," he exclaims.

The bootstrapped company has grown manifold with a butterfly effect from gaining clients through referrals. It has successfully executed over 100 projects and currently involved in 30 active projects. Its clientele includes top brands from Mumbai, some across other Indian states like Hyderabad and Bangalore and even international brands from Dubai, Kenya, New York, and Doha. Even with a dynamic growth, Blazonion is aiming to take on limited projects in order to provide real-time growth and results with top quality creative solutions to their client brands.