Blits Couriers & Xpress Services: Trustworthy Carriers of the Banking Need

Tejinder Singh,DirectorAdvancement in the Indian delivery & logistics industry is getting exciting each day. A lot of actions are taking place in the sector since when the doorstep delivery had set up a benchmark for satisfying consumer's needs instantly. Undoubtedly, these services are making life easier by truncating our commute time. This works very well for food delivery, product delivery, and others. Is the same reliable when it comes to moving money or financial assets? Of course not, trust and authenticity would play a major role in that case. Aligned to this, Blits Couriers & Xpress Services emerged as a startup for offering glitch free delivery of financial assets.

The company is exclusively designed for providing courier services to Banks & Corporates. This centric approach of the company is helping them gain trust. As it is dealing with more crucial data, it ensures complete authentication, security, safety & on-time delivery of documents & cheques.

The Idea
As a firm that has found the Banking sector as a niche domain to serve, Blits is specialized in delivering cheques for clearance. While handling over 300 reputed National and Private Bank branches, it has been recognized as Goa's No 1 and most trusted exclusive banking courier service providers. Blits was derived from a proprietary firm that is a well-reputed courier & logistics service company with over three decades of existence. The brand with its excellence has added Bank of Baroda, Central Bank of India, Canara Bank, Union Bank, Federal Banks, and many others along with the associated branches to its portfolio.

“Our expertise and knowledge of the market have made us serve the best ensuring verification. Most importantly, our reliable services are making our clients stay with us longer,” says Tejinder Singh, Director.He further adds, “Understanding and listening to customers’ needs has been the backbone of our success stories. We only make promises that we can deliver and fulfill the promises made with our technically knowledgeable team.”
Blits as a Staff-centric Firm
While having repetitive customers, gaining reference and making them cling on is an important aspect to describe a company's performance, making the employees stay with the brand is also crucial, as they are the reason for the overall growth of the company. Though this is necessary, not many companies bother to make their staff feel satisfied.

Today, the concern for employees is less evident in the commercial world. Amidst this scenario, Blits under the aegis of Tejinder Singh is making employees enjoy the entire working process as it could yield deeper engagement, more thoughtful collaboration, and mould them as professionals. Being a startup in Goa is a tough task, specifically for finding trustworthy & skilled manpower. However, Blits has handpicked professionals who can are aligned to the organization's goals & objectives. It also supports the employees with its impeccable attributes that contribute to their better work-life balance “We all have seen riders.

Sweat pours down their face, the sun burns as the clock ticks, every minute counts between being paid and losing money. This is the situation in every delivery service company. They will have no weekends and most of them end up working for 12 hours shift. This is not the case with Blits, we work as per bank timings and we do not operate on days when banks don’t,” he informs. The company is housing a strong and dedicated team that works beyond job definitions. The workforce is robustly trained to stay polite & courteous with the clients and deliver the cheques to the clearance houses within the stipulated time.

The firm doesn’t look for academic qualification in the riders but a positive attitude and discipline, hence offering jobs and life to several common people. To all the extra mile efforts of the employees, it benefits them with rewards & incentives.

At present, Blits is recognized as a leading courier company focused on the banking sector, offering services across the world

Journey & Growth
At present, Blits is recognized as a leading courier company focused on the banking sector, offering services across the world. It is dominating in terms of business volumes when compared to other brands in Goa. With its high performing team that doesn’t fail in any condition whether it is rain, storm or strike, it aims to expand presence to Chandigarh, Ratnagiri, and Pune. It is also looking forward to a strong franchise for its expansion. Scaling new heights, it wishes to embrace advanced technologies and deliver cash on swipe by reaching the residence of senior citizens.

Tejinder Singh, Director
A focused & dynamic entrepreneur, Tejinder Singh’s objective is to meet all requirements and mould best ideas into products. As a leader at Blits, he is responsible for handling execution, task allotment of staff and monitoring on a daily basis. He possesses sound knowledge about different software in the market and is dedicated for his performance-driven endeavours.