Blitz Pools: An Online Fantasy Gaming Company Providing Holistic User Experience to The Enthusiasts Ages

Mr. Gaurav & Mr.Vickram,Co- Founder & CEO

Mr. Gaurav & Mr.Vickram

Co- Founder & CEO

The fantasy sports market in India has seen a three fold growth since the last year with a significant increase in the number of young sports afficionados hooked up to virtual gaming and the number has been ever increasing since then. Fantasy sports are an extension of real life sporting events played across multiple sports types like cricket, football, and others.

BLITZPOOLS is an online gaming company for fantasy games in India where users can play and test their sports knowledge skills. The company was established in 2018 and has now reached over 3 million users on its platform. The company plans or providing holistic experience to its users on the gaming platform.

Being around 3-4 years in the market, BLITZPOOLS saw a huge potential for growth in the Indian market. There are multiple companies in India in the fantasy games industry that are at a growth stage. The product offerings of the companies are fundamentally the same but its the user experience that matters the most. The user engagement on the platform the challenges and the levels that the game offers are a couple of major aspects that capture the enthusiasts particularly.

The Pandemic Saw a Huge Growth in The Virtual Gaming Sector
The pandemic saw a huge growth in the
online gaming segment with multiple participants of all age groups. With more people that are now spending a majority of their time on their mobile phones with the less availability of options otherwise due to the social distancing norms.This proved out to be a huge opportunity for the industry entrants into the online gaming segment and hence there were multiple gaming options launched to gain more users.

BLITZPOOLS plans to create scope and space in the market and make noise over its existence

Keeping aside the profit motive, BLITZPOOLS also participated in certain campaigns and fundraising to extend its help to the needy during the pandemic.

The user privacy protection policy is a major concern that bewilders most of the customers in the fantasy gaming industry. For this, BLITZPOOLS has a strong privacy protection policy wherein the users can feel safe about their personal information while playing. The company uses multiple firewalls for data storage and protection and stands by user integrity.

The IPL was a huge fantasy game launch as there are many cricket enthusiasts in India. The women's cricket is another field of interest that has attracted many women players taking part in this category. Football on the other hand is a growing gaming category in India, there has been a huge response received from the online participants in the same.

BLITZPOOLS is Here To Make Noise
BLITZPOOLS plans to create scope and space in the market and make noise over its existence. It does not believe in one prominent player capturing the entire market, rather there should be space for other companies to compete.

BLITZPOOLS has a small team of young professionals whose collaborative efforts has made the company grow. With time and experience, the team is also growing steadily. The operations of the company are kept inhouse and the company is not planning to outsource its operations at the current stage.

The future roadmap for the company, seeing the current growth would be to reach over 5 million users after the IPL. The beginning score for the next year, as planned by the company is 10 million. The company has also signed up a few brand ambassadors to up their marketing strategy such as Ishan Kishan, Shreyas Gopal, MdShami, Dheeraj Singh, Rahul Tewatia, Shardul Thakur, Sharukh Khan.