Blue Frog: Creating Experiences for the Workforce and Customers Alike

Avey Varghese,Digital Marketing Agency

Avey Varghese

Digital Marketing Agency

With the crisis pushing back businesses, the marketing landscape has improvised by shifting from offline to online. Concentrated platforms and marketing has traversed into more of digitized marketing. A digitally strong marketing agency with an exceptional creativity to support it is the need of the hour. One such creative digital marketing agency, Blue Frog, is the brain child of Avey Varghese. From being a computer engineer to a wildlife photographer, starting up a creative digital agency was an amalgamation of both the interest in technology and the creative field for Avey. As a result, Blue Frog was born. “We carry the zeal and ability to put soul into a brand, to take a concept on paper and make it come alive. This is what drives us at Blue Frog”, says Avey.

In an organization invested in creativity, the people quotient remains the most crucial parameter for success. Blue Frog is a team of 35 motivated and creative people from all age groups and walks of life. Speaking about Blue Frog’s preferences in talents, Avey says, “For us, your area of study, your college’s brand value or your past experience doesn’t matter. What matters is what you can bring to the table as a creative person who can solve problems and come up with creative solutions”.
As a creative digital agency, Blue Frog strongly believes that the physical environment and the vibe of the place that everyone is sitting in, brainstorming, and creating, ultimately determines the outcome. Not just open spaces, but an open work culture too has been Blue Frog’s policy ever since its inception. Besides, as a modern workplace, Blue Frog believes in the law of the land. However, more than that, this eccentric digital marketing agency believes that all the discipline starts from the top of the chain. Therefore, the start-up has made sure that there is a lateral work

policy wherein everybody has creative freedom to approach anyone, discuss and brainstorm and not follow a hierarchy, that everyone has their freedom, space, and mutual respect. “One mantra that we always follow is to let every idea or a client or an employee bloom on its own, identify what works, and act as a catalyst to enhance it and push it in the right direction”, adds Avey.

One mantra that we always follow is to let every idea or a client or an employee bloom on its own, identify what works, and act as a catalyst to enhance it and push it in the right direction

Experience is the Biggest Teacher, and it’s Abundant Here
Employees at Blue Frog are given exposure to projects no matter how big or small, regardless of their age and experience level. Cross – collaboration is the key and the fact that everyone has something to learn from the other person, is one of the differentiating aspects of Blue Frog.

Each employee’s journey at Blue Frog is just as much important to the company as it is to the individual. Avey, beautifully articulates saying, “An employee’s journey is not just about them but about us, experience is just a point in their resume”. A fresh graduate who walks in with no experience of the outside world gets an opportunity to work on the most exciting projects in digital today. From brand strategy to digital campaigns, from social media marketing to SEO, from graphic design to influencer collaborations; they get to become a jack of all trades working at Blue Frog. At Blue Frog, each day is a fresh experience, and experience is the greatest teacher. Blue Frog intends to keep it that way.