Blue Lake Capital Management: A Specialist In Investment & Wealth Management

Vishal Ahuja,FounderWhile a wide stratum of HNI clients have relatively sophisticated investment needs when it comes to managing and growing their wealth, or fulfilling their Estate Planning and Intergenerational Wealth transfer requirements, they often find a dearth of expertise and end up handing these responsibilities to mediocre wealth companies. This is where Blue Lake Capital Management (BLCM) comes in. A boutique investment management outfit, BLCM is on a mission to guide its valued clients in carving a roadmap outlining how to best attain future financial goals and grow their wealth. Founded by an IIM Ahmedabad alumnus Vishal Ahuja, BLCM focuses on a niche of High Net worth Individuals, Family Offices, Trusts and Institutional Investors who trust us to be diligent stewards, to protect and grow their wealth.

"Having spent the past 22 years being part of the wealth management fraternity in the corporate world, I've seen it's different shades, nuances and vagaries of the wealth business in India", says Vishal. In today's wealth management space, most of the known firms may be working with their eyes fixated to their bottom-line. Brilliant funds, absolute gems, may not make it to the so called 'Recommended Lists' or 'White Lists' of these private bankers, if they aren't satiable to the 'revenue' or related criteria of these firms. And it gets drilled down onto the sales force right from the top. "That's very unfortunate. This gave methe necessary impetusto come up with a straight-up transparent and sincere institution that works keeping the clients and their interests at the heart of its operations. And that's how Blue Lake Capital Management LLP was born", explains Vishal, Founder.

BLCM takes pride in the pedigree of its leadership and the global best practices it adopts while allocating and managing the capital of its esteemed clients. It boasts of an upbeat track record in the Global Capital Markets and its core value of Wealth generation at an accelerated pace, for its esteemed investors with highest ethical standards and global practice.

Product Suite & the Investment Process
With its unparalleled techniques in top-quality research, in-house analytics and micro-level planning, BLCM consistently generates the performance Alpha like no other in the industry, while offering the biggest range of wealth products and solutions available on the market. "We have the biggest product suite that fulfills every need of our elite clientele and exceeds their expectations. Our clients vouch for all our claims", states Vishal. He further adds that "For every Blue Laker, the quality of work i.e. delivering risk-adjusted accelerated growth on the client's wealth by significantly reducing the wealth doubling period, staying true to our 'Core Values' and 'Purpose', fostering unmatched client relationships, and BLCM's Reputation are of paramount significance, whilst the revenue is considered as a by-product, and is at the lowest level in the pyramid.
With these values deeply embedded at its core, we've built the institution ground-up".

BLCM performs extensive tailoring while crafting bespoke solutions that fit its valued clients' requirements, without compromising on performance. Starting with Distribution of best-in-class Equity, Hybrid and Debt Mutual Funds, the company partners with the Top 30+ Asset Management Companies and marquee Investment Management Companies for PMS, AIF, Structured Products and International Funds. There are no client fees.

BLCM is also very active in the Unlisted companies and the Private Equity space, dealing in securities of companies in the Pre-IPO category that offer tremendous value unlocking in the long term. In the Fixed income space, BLCM covers the biggest range of products that include wide offerings in MLDs, NCDs, Corporate FDs, RBI & Corporate Bonds, Sovereign Gold Bonds (SGBs), Capital Gain Bonds, and much more. From the more holistic spectrum of Wealth management, the services get razor-sharp with its one-to-one crafted personalized investment portfolios for UHNIs, Family Offices, Trusts & Institutions across Global Markets. "We take ample time to carefully evaluate lucrative opportunities. It often takes weeks, even months of holistic research, due diligence and careful weighing of the risk-reward pay-off, before curating every investment idea and deciding to commit our available capital", adds Vishal.

BLCM follows a 7-step rigorous Top Down process to filter out investing opportunities, which we call the 'Investment Funnel'. This entails (i) The study of Global Macros (ii) Domestic Macros (iii) Market Isolation (iv) Sectoral Filtering (v) Scoring of fundamentals of the underlying assets through our proprietary scoring tool (vi) Volatility, Back-testing and Stress-testing (vii) Price-action technicals.

Based on the above filters and prevailing macro-economic conditions, we come out with exclusive Model Portfolios for our clients, keeping in mind their individual risk tolerance and goals. These model portfolios are thoroughly back-tested and subjected to all stress scenarios and black swan events. Using quantitative modeling techniques, the firm runs hundreds of shortlisted "prospective model portfolios" and finalizes a handful for its clients. It further uses various quantitative models to get the optimum % allocation between the selected funds. Once the Model Portfolio is in place, the firm comes up with crucial levels of the broader (or benchmark) indices based on highly accurate in-house market forecasting techniques, and devises a multi-entry (and exit) strategy. Finally, it documents an investment plan with multiple entry points (and exit points) into the market to execute a highly-averaged, Model Portfolio for its esteemed clients. Once the execution is completed, the portfolio monitoring process with the help of latest technological tools and its ongoing micro-tracking of broader world indices.

Boasts of an upbeat track record in the Global Capital Markets and its core value of Wealth generation at an accelerated pace, for its esteemed investors with highest ethical standards and global practice

BLCM endeavor is always to reduce the average purchase cost a notch down than others while committing its client's capital, and take a planned exit once the targeted XIRR is achieved, to get a much more superior alpha for the clients. In its quest to seek a strong alpha for the clients, the firm works very hard to track benchmark index levels to average out the client's capital allocation (and deallocation). Quite often, Vishal ends up telling the clients who are excited with the 'ongoing euphoria' to hold on for better buying opportunities, even if that means no equity business coming in for the firm for months or quarters. It places its client at the center of the operations.

Way Ahead
At this stage BLCM is completely focused on a targeted niche client segment of HNIs, Family Offices, Trusts and Institutions. The firm is geared up to set newer benchmarks in the wealth industry when it comes to research, performance, stability, accountability, customer experience and analytics. For the road ahead, BLCM plans to disrupt the retail space with its aforesaid expertise. "But we don't intend to subscribe to the notion of becoming a factory of wealth managers, as the kind of work we do is highly skilled, research oriented and holistic", says Vishal. The firm looks at investment opportunities from several lenses. Be it fundamental, quantitative, technical and qualitative analysis, the company covers it all extensively.