Blue Ocktopus - Assisting Retail Businesses through their SAAS-based Loyalty & Analytics Platform

Tushar rele,FounderAnalyzing customer behavioral patterns is the primary aspect of any business today. Thanks to AI and the existing trends Businesses can now strategize and reach their tar-get customers in a much effortless manner than before. Blue Ocktopus is one such company that is assisting Small & Mid-size Retail Businesses with Loyalty and Advanced Analytics.

Blue Ocktopus, Pune based SAAS Company founded by Tushar Rele, started operations in 2018, backed on a thorough understanding of the challenges of the SME Retail space. Most of the challenges were due to lack of technical knowledge and the power it brings to understand customer behavioral patterns. Tushar brings in his 11+ years of Loyalty experience into founding the fundamentals of Blue Ocktopus.

USP and Operations
Blue Ocktopus works with Retailers on their customer data, acquired on a real-time basis. The company uses proprietary tools for smart customer segmentation to make relevant and meaningful communications. and campaigns regularly higher ROI for Retailers. This acts as a direct marketing tool for retailers to reward, retain and engage in a more focused manner. The platform also create linkages to Retailer's social media campaigns and make their social spends more measurable.

Most of their deployments are through integrations with billing systems. This helps to get a full view of the transactions and develop a deeper understanding of the behavior patterns, which increases the
efficacy of the retention and engagement program. Retailers do not need to have a team of professionals to manage the program, as Blue Ocktopus works actively and hand-holds them with suggestions to generate more value.

Blue Ocktopus has a robust and scalable technology platform and is currently hosted on AWS. One of the key things is data security and has enabled encryptions at several places to avoid any kind of data leakage. The teams a constant endeavor and focuses on creating new capabilities, like the recent AI implementation They have a keen eye for their customers challenges and keep coming with solutions through their enhanced Value-additions.

The company conducts business in 20+ cities in India, offering its ser-vices to a range of retail categories like ­ apparel, jewelry, grocery, department stores, dining, wellness, etc and has on-boarded more than 100 customers on their platform.

An Easy-Going Work Culture
"The free culture allows all to share ideas, for company's benefit and makes it fun & friendly. Our top two priorities are Customer and Employee Satisfaction" says Tanaya Manjrekar, from the Relationships team.

Blue Ocktopus supports a flexible and open work culture within the company. The company offered the flexibility of work from home and co-working spaces, even before the pandemic. The company has a team of 13 professionals, working in different functions.

“Everyone matters - is the core mantra. It gives an equal opportunity to everyone to shine. Happy to be a BOTSian” adds Prathmesh Gupta, Head Sales.

Blue Ocktopus believes in learning and development of its employees. Through the open work culture, they value feedback from all and regularly organize one-on-one and group sessions, ensuring that they feel a part of the company. The company keeps abreast with the dynamic technological changes and is on a continuous learning drive. It also conducts weekly group sessions for collaborative discussions.

Vikas Patil from Operations feels “Everyone in our team strives to-wards customer delight. My four-year journey has been filled with learnings, helping me to grow as a professional. It's been great to be part of a growing, learning and fun organisation”.

The future roadmap of the company is quite simple ­ growth and expansion. While the short-term objective is to build more technology capabilities, the long-term goals are to spread across India.

Renaldo Jesuraj, CTO adds “It has helped me grow and enhance my skills. I feel that if you have a dream and the power to achieve it, then Blue Ocktopus is the place to make it true. It is a diverse organization with talented people under great leadership.