Blue Ribbon Advisory Services: Scaling Unprecedented Heights in the Financial Consultancy Market

 CA Ritesh Garg,   FounderOver the years, financial consultants have developed from being a mere bookkeeper and basic tax advisor to becoming an expert solution provider across a wider gamut of services required by the industry. Markets now are more unpredictable and irrational than ever before and have made investment opportunities riskier for all categories of investors. In this market space, the importance of financial consultants is on the rise as they are now becoming an integral part of their clients’ businesses. Also, now financial consultants are expected to readjust their service offerings and focus areas to be able to cater to emerging needs of business enterprises. Making impressive strides in the financial consultancy market segment is Blue Ribbon Advisory Services and since its inception, the consultancy firm has been able to develop into one of the most preferred names in the financial consultancy market.

Client-Centric Financial Consultancy
Blue Ribbon is the brainchild of chartered accountants Ritesh Garg and Deepak Bharti. To solve complex business problems, these two industry stalwarts joined hands to lay the foundation of Blue Ribbon. Adding more about the inception story of the company, Ritesh says “I started my professional career with Paytm in 2012 and later, I worked for a
couple of years with Cars24 during its initial phase. Working in these new age ventures made me realize the changing diversity of businesses, and how the consulting space need a shift to solve their problems. We therefore decided to focus on new age companies and it became our niche business segment. For startups, a financial consultant need not be an expert but should have the zeal and aggression to produce the desired results. Also, I would like to thank Ajay Shekhar Sharma from Paytm, and Mehul Agrawal & Ruchit Agarwal from Cars24. I gained a lot of experience and courage from them to begin my entrepreneurial sprint”.

In a short span of five years, Blue Ribbon Advisory Services has grown from a co working office in Delhi to having offices in India, UAE the UK & Switzerland

Blue Ribbon Advisory Services is a one stop solution provider for its clients and the company excels in providing services such as strategy planning, risk management, assurance, taxation and regulatory compliance, due diligence,fund raising, stock exchange listing, and wealth management for promoters. It has also partnered with various legal firms, merchant bankers, and consultants in India as well as abroad to bring all these services under one roof.

In a short span of five years, Blue Ribbon Advisory Services has grown from a co-working office in Delhi to having offices in India, UAE, UK, and Switzerland. The company has seen a lot of ups and downs, especially during the pandemic. But each hurdle has made it more mature, stronger, and a better problem solver. Also, the company now caters to more than 100 clients spread across 15 countries and Blue Ribbon Advisory Services views its clients’ consistent growth as its most valuable achievement. Also, for the company, client retention is more important than client acquisition and it feels proud to have a 100 percent retention rate. For Blue Ribbon Advisory Services, its growth parallels the growth of its clients. Evolving with the changing times, the company is working on creating an ecosystem for consultants where they all can mutually share their services with each other. The company is also planning to go for M&A strategy to expand faster in international markets. At the same time, Blue Ribbon Advisory Services is looking to onboard more employees and reach for greater heights in the financial consultancy market.