Blurgs: Building Deep tech SaaS products to Enable Drone Intelligence in India & Beyond

Roshan Raj, Avinash Kori and Manik Sharma, Tech-Enthusiasts It is a great omen that India manifests high bandwidth in adopting nextgen tech and is one of the first few countries to embrace the drone revolution. According to the Drone Industry Insights (DII) Report 2021, the worldwide drone industry is predicted to in-crease to $41.3 billion by 2026. While India is anticipated to be one of the largest drone markets, there is still a huge gap in the utilization of drone technology. The technology is constantly evolving as an innovation, but there are many untapped use cases in various sectors. To bridge this gap by rendering an amazing contribution to this high potential market, Blurgs is offering state-of-the-art SaaS solutions for the drone industry.

At present, the company is working on a B2B SaaS model to collaborate with Drone OEMs and DaaS companies to help them upgrade their drones into smart AI enabled Intelligent Decision Making Robots. While being a provider of Aerial based Services, it endeavors to augment the capabilities of the UAV ecosystem. The company is spear headed by the tech enthusiasts Roshan Raj, Avinash Kori, and Manik Sharma. The three smart brains from IIT Madras envisage becoming technology partners of the drone product industry & providing them with avant

garde SaaS solutions. “Currently, we employ realtime image processing techniques to assist, automate, and augment the capabilities of drones and drone operators,” remarks Roshan Raj. He further adds, “Drones are on a rise with a lot of private and government initiatives fuelling innovation in drone tech. We are developing an easy to use automation platform powered by state-of-the-art deep tech algorithms.”

While we look forward to expanding into the International market we vouch for 'Make in India, make for the world

One-of-a-kind Solutions
Blurgs has built a product called Drone DApp which is a one stop solution for all the drone footage analytics needs. The platform offers varied solutions such as health report generation for cleantech assets, landscape surveys, and movement pattern recognition (humans and vehicles) among many other use cases. The young company is backed by different veterans of the Indian Defense Force and has experienced CXOs of top drone companies as mentors. “Managing inventory and assets is often difficult, and we wish to reduce the redundant time spent on extracting and organizing analytics. Our platform is designed to streamline the process of extracting insights from data. The solution is developed to reduce the burden of integrating AI services directly into existing products, and also to provide realtime solutions using cloud architecture. Our mission is to Democratize Aerial Intelligence. We envision empowering enterprises to reap the benefits of aerial intelligence and develop competitive products for the global market,” says Roshan.

The Bright Side
Not only does the company develop cutting-edge solutions but also leads to thoughtful discussion to educate the industry before getting the clients to buy the product. “India is a bit behind the western market. Countries like the UK, which is one tenth the size of our country, have around 5000 drone companies. But India has only around 150 drone companies. This spectrum of difference can be met only if many operators come into the picture. We are aiming to enable this growth by easing the burden of drone operators in managing the bulk of data and helping them achieve missions across multiple use cases,” he concludes, “We are also proud of our commitment to developing defense grade products to protect the sovereignty of our motherland.”