Boharr Fintech: Comprehensive Wealth Management Platform-as-a-Service

  Vaitheeswaran Santharam, Sridar Kannan & Mahadevan Hariharan,    DirectorsThree accomplished first genration entrepreneurs with extensive experience in domestic and overseas financial markets asked themselves a straight forward question why couldn't life in the investment world be simple? They pursued the question with passion, perseverance, and a commitment to revolutionizing the wealth management industry, which led them to start Boharr Fintech in 2020. Registered under the Startup India initiative, Chennai based Boharr offers an end-to-end solution for banks, financial institutions, and wealth management companies.

"In our quest of simplifying the investment world, we identified several critical issues, including fragmented systems, a lack of unified digital experiences, and the need for seamless interfaces and unified views of wealth products", explains Vaitheeswaran Santharam, Director at Boharr. Santharam, along with Sridar Kannan and Mahadevan Hariharan, both Directors at Boharr, then embarked on a rigorous two-year development process, constantly engaging with the market to understand customer pain points and expectations. With a one product at a time approach, the Boharr team initially developed a rev enue module for a large transaction service provider, later expanding its offerings to include reporting and analytics modules and forming partnerships with other transaction service providers. Through perseverance and innovation, Boharr has created a highly usable, plug-and-play product that meets the needs of distribution houses and banks.

Boharr's flagship product,iCAR, is a comprehensive wealth orchestration platform that offers Wealth Management Platform-as-a-Service (WMPaaS). At its core, iCAR integrates various investment products like mutual funds, corporate fixed deposits, secondary market bonds, NPS, peer-to-peer(P2P)investments, and digital gold, along with seamless integration of insurance solutions to help clients drive new revenue streams and enhance customer retention. iCAR consists of four modules covering the entire business operations lifecycle on boarding, order management, performance and revenue management, and reporting.

Built on a low-code base approach and powered by cloud computing, iCAR delivers superior performance, including on the fly generation of instant dashboards from large data sets. More importantly, the WM PaaS solution lays the groundwork for innovation, allowing clients to focus on product innovation, content creation, and personalized user experiences that set them apart in the market. Adopting a 'think business, deliver technology' approach, Boharr provides the necessary tools and resources to achieve business objectives.

As an ISO 9001:2015, 22301:2019, and 27001:2017 certified organization, Boharr provides a comprehensive, flexible, and scalable solution that supports multiple currencies, languages, and jurisdictions, empowering clients to serve their customers efficiently. Boharr's PaaS solution also includes inbuilt lead and customer relationship management, sales force management, transaction execution, revenue computation, reporting, and more. While the company's pay-as-you-use subscription based pricing model ensures commercial viability, clients can choose the whole platform or only specific Boharr APIs as required. "We understand the importance of aligning with the strategic and business performance objectives of our clients", says Hariharan.

Boharr's technology implementation approach involves mapping available technologies to achieve desired end results through a hybrid model, which includes building from scratch and collaborating with clients for licensed applications. At the same time, the company constantly screens innovative technologies for relevance to their use case and adopts them to meet the needs and expectations of end customers. "Besides extensively utilizing Azure AI components, such as OCR and metadata building, to add layers of reports through computation, Boharr recognizes the importance of Blockchain in enhancing data integrity and audit trails", adds Kannan.

Boharr aims to be the preferred wealth product partner for banks and medium to large wealth management businesses globally. With a constant drive to stay ahead of the curve, the company continues to expand its offerings and partnerships, determined to make a lasting impact in the ever evolving world of wealth manage-ment.