BOMBAX: Logistics Services that Demand Speed + Flexibility + Network Responsiveness

Chaitanya Sinh,CEO & Partner

Chaitanya Sinh

CEO & Partner

The Indian logistics market is pegged to reach US$50 Bn by 2020 and US$250 Bn by 2030 with 50 percent of the demand coming from emerging cities and towns. Mobile penetration is driving the e-commerce growth which is in turn fuelling logistic network creation. Consumption demand of the aspiring Indian population is expected to grow at a CAGR of 17 percent for the next five years and new logistic networks will need to be the backbone of this exponential growth. Seizing this opportunity is Mumbai based Bombax, a niche, on-demand express courier service company that has the fastest delivery turn around times (TATs) in the Industry. Bombax is setting a benchmark in terms of speed and service in India and is the first and only company to provide same business day delivery across select sectors. Bombax is built for speed + network sensitivity which enable it to leverage its network to offer services that are extremely fast and agile and are customer centric. "We are the only company in India offering same day intercity services. Moving forward we believe that customer preferences supported by adequate infrastructure will be instrumental factors in demand creation. We have therefore set our sights on creating a comprehensive D2D network that can service current and future customers' needs," Chaitanya Sinh, CEO & Partner, Bombax
Couriers. When there is a requirement for an urgent shipment, Bombax has multiple solutions including its same day and overnight service which are "products" with set SLA's or even its Next Flight Out(NFO)service which gives the client complete flexibility of booking.

In a span of two years, Bombax has company owned offices with delivery infrastructure in 10 major Indian cities

The company believes that with the right people, processes and technology(with the ability to analyse the metrics of time costsefficiency and productivity and eventually incorporating ML/AI into connecting, manifesting and routing to attain utmost efficiency), it can build a world class logistics company that is agile and sensitive to customer demands.

Bombax has its own hub near every major airport in India. Also the staff at each hub operate 24 hours / day. This allows the company to leverage its trained manpower and proximity to the airport to connect shipments on available flights any time during the day. It also has a robust technology platform to book, track and update customers on the status of the shipment. Scanning of the shipment at every stage + Proof of delivery(POD) is done using an app and gives realtime updates. In the e-commerce space, Bombax has standard API's for booking, tracking and label printing(for integration with sellers on large e-com platforms). "Speed + Service + Responsiveness are the core fundamentals that we focus on to add value to customer requirements," he asserts.

The Growth As a young company, Bombax has carved a niche in the industry. In a span of two years, it has company owned offices with delivery infrastructure in 10 major Indian cities, partner offices in another 20 major Indian cities/towns, a full suite of services that includes First Mile + Middle Mile + Last Mile, 600+ B2B Clients, 1,000,000+ Transactions, amongst others. "As of October 2019, we are in the process of becoming a full suite logistics company catering to all sectors and offering various multi modal services including time sensitive and price sensitive options on Air/Surface. In the coming years, the company aims at doing network expansion, focus on intracity delivery, offer Hyper Local Captive Demand Service and most importantly become a dominant player in this space.